26 years ago today….

I was laying in a hospital bed after giving birth to my second daughter and I remember Don & I praying and thanking God for blessing us with another healthy, happy, gorgeous baby girl.

We toyed with two different names. Jonquil or Jaci. And as you all know we chose Jaci 🙂 It means beautiful in greek and well, as you can see, she is just as her names states…  absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

We have a family tradition where we put a small gift in a ceramic cupcake and we hide it. This year we decided to do a dinner at Sushi on the Roll in Medina so Peyton & I hid the cupcake in the restaurant before Jaci and Tim arrived.

They looked everywhere

And finally found it behind the waterfall

Since Pey is such a picky eater Jaci found the perfect solution for getting her to eat all of her noodles! haha

After struggling with her chop sticks we let her eat without utensils, which she thought was quite fun! 🙂 Anything to get her to eat!!

Lots of laughter and a quick pic of the gang before a trip over to the new yogurt shop on Medina Square.

We enjoy a great life where we smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and know how blessed we truly are. Here’s to you J ~ create a day that glows with happiness and joy!


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  1. engagedandrunning

    Thank you Faye and Peggy! and thank you mom for all of your kindness, love, strength, and support you have provided to me and shown me over the last 26 years! for all of the reasons you feel blessed and proud of me I feel just as blessed and proud to be your daughter! I love you =)

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