Date Night With The Hubby

Started off a great day with an awesome smoothie chock-full of vitamins and nutrients. Check it out 🙂 it’s got local (from Lafayette Township bees) pure & natural honey, maca root, unsweetened coconut milk, strawberries, bananas, greek yogurt (cuz my ob/gyn said I needed it to help w/ this perimenopause yuck) spinach and flax oil.

I think this was one of the BEST smoothies that I’ve made so far!

My morning was filled with a few clients that inspired, motivated and made me laugh so hard that my face hurt 🙂 I just LOVE Fridays!!

I got a KILLER deal for $11 on some boots at the Outlet Mall! They just jumped right on my feet while I was shopping for prizes for this weeks CrossFit Classes 🙂 Pretty sweet aren’t they?!

And the Hubby will think I’ve been playing Betty Crocker all day when he comes home and finds some boneless ribs smothered in my homemade barbecue sauce along with my killer salad and garlic asparagus  🙂

Warm jammies while enjoying a little Menage a Trois with the Hubby and Johnny English makes for a great date night!!

Hope your day was as fun-filled as mine! Enjoy a fabulous weekend & do something for YOU!!


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