Thyme2 Restaurant

Have you been to Thyme2 yet?

Chef John has done an amazing job and his staff is the best in customer service! You’ve got fine dining upstairs and a fun casual pub downstairs 🙂

The wood burning pizza oven is my favorite with Chef Ed creating some pretty impressive gourmet pizza’s 🙂

And the fish… well a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂

Check out some of these amazing dishes that Chef John has concocted

Always a ton of fun going to Thyme2 with our good friends Joanie & Noel!

Noel has so many stories to tell from all of his adventures that I could sit for hours just listening & learning 🙂

And Don, well he just likes Chef John’s homemade ice cream!

Top notch staff

Tasty gourmet food

With amazing customer service

Have you been to Thyme2 yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Call 330.764.4114 for reservations and when you do, tell Chef John that Carole sent you 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Thyme2 Restaurant

  1. Faye

    Haven’t been there yet but have plans to celebrate a birthday there on the 26th!! Looking forward to it!!

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