Have you ever heard of BeautiControl Products?

My good friend and client, Angie, turned me on to BeautiControl (BC) a couple of years ago when she came over and did this fun, pampering Spa party for a group of my friends. Then a year later one of my other friends/client, Kim, gave me some AWESOME BC bath and lotion products for Christmas. I LOVED the products so much that I jumped at the chance to buy some of the bath products when my friend/client, Peggy was here for her weekly workout.

While I was facebooking one day I noticed that Peggy had a post on her wall about a BC Kit for just $99 so I thought, wth, I’ll purchase the kit and try their face products. Do you believe in LOVE at 1st use? OMG – I couldn’t believe after just one use how good my skin looked and felt.

But seriously, the proof is in the pudding. Yesterday I spent a few hours mulching (what a workout!) and when I came in to get washed up for my afternoon classes I noticed that I was getting a red, itchy rash on my left arm. I immediately thought that I had gotten poison ivy from the mulch but after a few hours determined that it was just a red, bothersome rash.

While washing up for bed I remembered that I had this BC product called SKINLOGICS corticure comfort lotion and thought, hmm, I wonder if this will make this rash go away?!

Well a picture is worth a thousand words.

When I woke up the rash was GONE!!!!

So check this out! If you want to try their products they have this “Spa Now” kit that was $125 along with a “Sunsation” kit that was also $125

But they just dropped the price at 12:00PM today!!

and they JUST dropped the “Spa Now” case to $79 and the “Sunsation” case to $99! You can email me at carole@carolelaney.com if you want to buy one of these kits but HURRY cuz this price is only good until the end of May! Or you can sign up here on my website under OPPORTUNITY! Do it TODAY cuz on May 31st this deal is DONE! http://www.beautipage.com/crossfit/

Enjoy a FABULOUS weekend!

UPDATE: Yesterday when our granddaughter was working outside with us she scratched her legs up in the ornamental grass. After her shower I applied this product and when she woke up her legs looked 100% better. She even mentioned that it didn’t itch or hurt anymore 🙂 I’m definitely sold on this!

Stock up on this product for Summer while its still in stock!! http://www.beautipage.com/crossfit/

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  1. Peggy Courtright

    I am sooooo happy you love the products Carole, and sooooo very happy you are on my team!! It’s been very fun so far and I’m sure there will be more fun to follow!! 🙂

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