Betty Crocker turns Gardner

This past year I have really focused on preparing some “different” foods for Don & I to enjoy so I’ve been cooking with a variety of spices and attempting to make our Paleo dinners more appealing. I laugh because over the past 30 years I kept telling Don that I was no Betty Crocker and that he was a much better Chef than I and it usually got him fired up and in the kitchen creating some interesting, tasty concoctions. This year I decided that we needed to focus on eating strictly Paleo and with the price of veggies and the chemicals they are saturated with, things would be a little different.

I was going to try my hand at growing my 1st garden. Now this was quite funny to my husband because for those of you that know me, my nickname is KILLER Carole. I have such a black thumb that I kill EVERYTHING I try to grow.

But this year is going to be different (I hope) haha ~ Here is what I started with: a load of dirt and a 3-year-old little helper 🙂

A spot right off of the deck with plenty of sun and some late afternoon shade:

$10 worth of veggies consisting of 3 different kinds of tomatoes, 2 different varieties of peppers, squash, pickles and watermelon purchased from local sellers on the square in Lodi, a few hours of hard labor and our garden came to life!

Gotta love my husband… while I was looking for a sprinkler to water my freshly planted garden he comes up with this brilliant hillbilly sprinkler system made out of a pvc pipe. lol

If all “grows” well, it looks like we’ll have a ton of veggies this summer 🙂 Oh and my husband Chef… after a long, hard days work came up with this amazing salmon, spinach, asparagus dinner 🙂

I’m curious to know….

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