BeautiControl MicroDerm Before/After

Two weeks ago I begin to use the BeautiControl Microderm Kit. Check out my BEFORE pic of my 1st microderm:

And here’s the AFTER pic:
Can you see the GLOW in my skin?! When I first used this product I saw the difference immediately! My face looked instantly smooth, bright and even. Obviously to get the best result from microderms you need to be consistent and  that’s why this at home treatment will be the perfect solution for me.
If you haven’t tried it, you’re gonna love it! Call me and I’ll schedule an appointment and do a FREE microderm just for you 🙂 
Although some of you might think this kit is a little pricey ($120 initial investment) you can use this product multiple times, I was told 10-15 uses, but at the rate I’m using it I will definitely be able to get more out of it than that! Years ago when I use to get professional microderms I was paying $60 per session. By doing it myself I am saving a TON of money and getting way better results because I can do it on a weekly basis.

Also, this is the only one over-the-counter product that has the same crystals they have in the dermatologist office and the buffer brush has both gentle and regular settings which is perfect for all types of skin.  Note: When I did this microderm I used the BC Spa Resurface Multi-Acid Resurfacing Peel with the BC Spa Resurface Microderm® Abrasion 🙂 Another thing I noticed was the huge difference in my pores and when Don mentioned that he noticed an improvement with the overall texture and softness of my skin, I knew it was working!! After doing just 3 microderms I can honestly say that this product has definitely helped improve my skin.  And with Jaci’s wedding coming up and the photographer in our face for the whole day this will be a must have the week before her big event! Check out Jaci’s AFTER pic of her microderm! GORGEOUS!!
Be sure to patch test first if you have sensitive skin or think you might get irritation.  This product is not recommended for use if you have cystic acne or open wounds on your face, otherwise, this is a miracle in a jar and I highly recommend it!  My overall rating for this BeautiControl product: A+ LOVE IT!!!
It is a high quality, yet affordable, microderm abrasion option.  I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for an excellent skin product that produces instant results.  Check back because this weekend Don is going to help me microderm my tattoo to see if it makes a difference in the bringing the color back to life!!

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