What A Great Sunday!

I had mixed emotions when I woke up this morning, looked out my window and saw this:

Happy that I slept til 7AM, excited that the side yard was getting a makeover but dreading the 2 hours of hard labor ahead. I quickly turned that thought around tho to what a great workout this was going to be! A positive always over a negative, I thought, one of the many reasons that I CrossFit 🙂

So I snapped a couple of before pics after we had already weeded and laid down some black plastic. I mentioned to Don that since I was a gardener now, lol, I needed to focus on growing those veggies & I didn’t have time to be weeding every day so we needed the plastic. Check out one of my tomato plant, it’s already blooming 🙂

Since the side yard was in need of little work we decided to widen the beds and bring in 3 more yards of mulch.

Always great conversation when Don & I are doing yard work. Like when he caught me daydreaming this morning as I watched two cyclists ride past our house. I mentioned how I wish that we could do that together on Sunday morning.

I commented how much I just LOVE those bike shorts on men and how hot he would look in them thinking that might light a fire under his butt and just maybe we could hurry up with the yard work, run down to Century Cycles, buy him a road bike and BAM, the two of us would be off riding in the sunset tonight. No such luck, he groveled, groaned, mumbled something about how he wasn’t going to wear those sexy bike shorts & then told me to get back to work 😦

Anyway two hours later & our yard looked FABULOUS 🙂

My flowers are starting to bloom

And the hard work has paid off!

But since Don is done working for the day & lounging in his recliner right now it doesn’t look like we’ll be bike riding anytime soon 😦

What are you doing today?

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4 thoughts on “What A Great Sunday!

  1. Angie

    Spending the day with the family. 🙂 Swam at my parents’ this afternoon, dinner at the in-laws next. 🙂 Happy Sunday!!

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