Color Run Cleveland Ohio

Have you heard of the Color Run 5K yet? If you haven’t you can check it out here

When we found out that the Color Run was coming to Cleveland we decided to get a group of girls together & do this run for fun 🙂

It was my first 5K running with both of my daughters and I was thrilled to have my granddaughter experience her first 5K with the three of us. Check out this three generation pic – LOVE it!


And it was a blast having Robyn & Angie running right beside us!

Pey LOVED the Color Run and now wants to do a Color Run 5K every weekend! hahaha

After the Color Run we found out that there were over 8,000 people at this race!

We’ll definitely do this again next year but next time we’ll bring the rest of the family to join in the fun 🙂


Does anyone else want to do this with us when the Color Run comes back to Cleveland?

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