Please Read This!! I Need Your Help!

I need to ask ALL OF YOU a HUGE favor that could have a VERY big impact on our community. Chase and LivingSocial are sponsoring a grant program called Mission: What this means is that my fitness business, Ageless Fitness, LLC could win a $250,000 grant for business improvement and growth!

That means we can move into a larger space, buy more equipment , create more programs, hire more staff and ultimately help more people get healthy and improve their fitness!

But I need at least 250 votes to be eligible for consideration. PLEASE do me a favor and go to this link to vote for Ageless Fitness, LLC. It will take just a minute of your time and can have a HUGE impact if we are one of the lucky winners!  All that you need to do is click here then click on the ‘login to support your community’ button at the bottom right and enter my business name, Ageless Fitness, LLC, in the business field.

Thank you in advance for your support and PRAY THAT WE WIN!!!! I’ll have a MAJOR celebratory promo when we do!

Oh and just one more favor? Could you PLEASE forward this to family & friends for me? We only have 9 days to get 250 votes!! THANK YOU!!!!