Day 2 in the Paleo Cave

So I decided to body fat test myself yesterday, something that I never do. I figure if my pants fit that’s a great indicator that my body fat is staying consistent. Well lately I’ve been working so much that I’ve been in yoga pants so its kinda hard to tell what my body fat truly is. But after a trip to Cache last week to check out some awesome purple pants that were on clearance, the zero’s I tried on were a tad bit too tight, it was then that I knew I needed to make some changes! The additional carbs that I had been consuming had not only increased my hot flashes & night sweats but also added 2% body fat to my petite frame. The solution for me – go into the Paleo cave for the next 2 months!

Day 2 was a huge SUCCESS!

Breakfast was a HUGE chunk of watermelon and three beef smokies from Whitefeather Meats 🙂

Lunch was a handful of walnuts, more watermelon (I just love watermelon) and 4 pieces of bacon. Quick, easy & just enough to satisfy.

A couple of afternoon clients, prep for the 6PM CrossFit class and my amazing hubby put this tasty dinner of grass-fed pork chops and fresh veggies on the grill while I was working!

Don is such a great chef, I even mentioned to him that he grills so well he should cook every night for me 🙂 No such luck, he told me tomorrow it was my turn. Guess we’re having salmon on the grill!!

So what did you eat today? Did you put a protein with a fibrous carb at every meal?