Day 3 in the Paleo Cave

TGIF!! I woke up this morning & rolled over to the smell of coffee, my amazing hubby had put a steaming hot cup of Folgers on my nightstand & let me sleep in a few extra minutes. I could hear him clamoring around the kitchen while I laid in bed listening to him grumble & growl as he packed his lunch. He was mumbling something about all this cave food in the house. Haha I laughed loudly (loud enough for him to hear) and shouted for him to join me in my cave explaining that he might get that six-pack back that he had when I married him 30 years ago 🙂  He politely yelled back for me to stay in my own cave! Laughter, what a great way to start my day!

After working with a couple of clients I decided to take a trip around the township and check in on some of the older folks in the area since we were under a heat advisory. I had stocked the freezer with a bunch of water bottles earlier that morning so I had ample supply to take and pass out at each stop. A quick trip to the back yard to cut some fresh flowers for each of them and I was on my way out the door. WITHOUT breakfast!

As I was pulling out of the driveway I remembered that I hadn’t eaten anything. It was already 10AM and I had been so busy that I totally forgot! A quick turn around & a jog to the fridge grabbing a hard-boiled egg, an apple & some pecans and I was on my way 🙂

Amazing how quickly time flew by as I sat and chatted with this 85-year-old lady for almost an hour.  A few more check-ins then headed toward Akron to grab some fresh fish for dinner and a few more staples for the weekend Paleo meals.

A little advice – DON’T go shopping when you are hungry or you might end up buying ½ the store! Thankfully I remembered to grab my huge picnic cooler because by the time I was done shopping it was 95 degrees and SCORCHING HOT outside. Cramming as much as I could inside my car and blasting the a/c , I made it home in record time saving my groceries from the heat.

And STARVING because I hadn’t eaten enough calories! While putting the groceries away  I mixed up a HUGE smoothie with Maca powder, organic peanut butter, Almond Milk and flax oil, just enough to fill me up until the early dinner I had planned. Sorry no pics but you get the gist.

Well our salmon dinner that I had planned didn’t happen. Don came home, started chatting with me about the day, suggested that we soak some cedar for the salmon and enjoy it tomorrow and just eat the bison burgers that I had already set out for tomorrow. Before we knew it was 7PM & we still had two acres to mow before sunset so Don headed out to tackle that task and I started the bison burgs. Don enjoyed swiss cheese w/ his and well, dairy doesn’t do this body any good so I passed on it 🙂

I definitely did not ingest enough calories today slowing my metabolic rate but with the weekend coming up I’m sure I can get back on track! How about you? What was your intake today?