Day 4 in the Paleo Cave

With the temps in the 90’s it’s almost too hot to eat! I always struggle in the summer getting my daily 2000 calories when it’s this HOT; I’m just not hungry!! But this morning I decided to get in another one of those oh so good peanut butter, banana, maca smoothies. That organic maca has been a godsend as far as reducing my hot flashes so I am trying to sprinkle that into my diet any chance I get.

The smoothie was the perfect breakfast to start my day. An AWESOME CrossFit Class with some pretty AMAZING women, a quick watering of my little veggie garden & few errands in Lodi and I was ready to enjoy the day! Check out my tomatoes – WOOT WOOT!!

By 12:30PM I’ve already consumed 60 ounces of water & ready for lunch: 2 egg yolks + 2 egg whites mixed with bacon & peppers. YUM!

Oh and check out the awesome roses my hubby brought me… just because 🙂

An afternoon snack of two oranges for some additional Vitamin C

When I went shopping yesterday I bought some avocados for the salad that I have planned for our Sunday lunch & they weren’t quite ripe yet but fortunately I remembered the easy way to ripen them quickly. Thank you Jaci for sharing that info!

Remember yesterdays’ post when I told you that Don wanted to grill the salmon on cedar wood? Well, we soaked the cedar all night and prepped the fish with olive oil, lemon and parsley. Check it out!

We put some peppers, green & yellow zucchini’s, & white onions on tinfoil with a little bit of olive oil & sprinkled them with fresh pepper.

20 minutes on the grill and we had a pretty tasty dinner 🙂

So if anyone is reading this, tell me, what did you eat today?


4 thoughts on “Day 4 in the Paleo Cave

  1. Jenn Stankiewicz

    Eggs, Cantaloupe, green beans, romaine lettuce ..bacon .. grassfed beef ..chicken ..yummy cave life 🙂

  2. Carole

    I just LOVE you Jenn, you are AWESOME! And I just found a meal plan for GLOWING skin to be done 72 hrs before your wedding. You interested?

  3. Angie Drerup

    I would eat so much better if I was at your house all day!! Breakfast after crossfit was a peanut butter, vi protein shake with almond milk, lunch was leftover chicken peppers and onions with some lettuce, a peach, and a hot dog at the ballpark for dinner. Tomorrow will be a better day. 🙂

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