Day 5 in the Paleo Cave

There’s no better way to start the day than with a quick 5K! Last night I text my friend Erin & asked her to meet me at the park for a run through the trails, I figured if I asked her to meet me there I couldn’t back out. With the upcoming Susan Komen 5K I needed someone to hold me accountable and help me get some miles under my belt. THANK YOU Erin for meeting me, running with you makes it soooo much easier 🙂

Don didn’t have breakfast ready for me when I got back home 😦 He was already out mowing the back forty. A few jumping jacks in the driveway to get his attention alerting him to the fact that I was home then a quick breakfast of a handful of pecans with a HUGE gala apple & I was ready to start my morning chores.

Yes, I’m a clean freak. I admit it. I bleach my house down at least once a week. I just LOVE the way my house looks & smells when everything is that clean 🙂 I snacked on some cherries while I was cleaning and scarfed up the last of the pistachios. Don finished mowing just in time to run up to the local Farmers Market with me. Not to many vendors today but we bought some just picked onions, tomatoes, squash, beets and leaf lettuce. Enough to fill our basket and get us thru until the Westfield Farmers Market on Thursday.

We made a quick stop at Miller Bros to pick up the case of sweet potato pie that I had ordered. Ever since I picked one of these pies up for Thanksgiving dinner, Don just can’t get enough of them! Because they are a “seasonal” item they special order them for him 🙂  I laughed on the way home teasing him that since I was in my Paleo cave I wasn’t able to indulge in any. He was thrilled actually, now he didn’t have to share 🙂 Check out the fat calories in just 1 serving. YOWZA!!!!!

We decided since we planned on having an early dinner of filet mignon, fresh veggies and sweet potato pie (for Don) we opted to make some guacamole with onions, sweet cherry tomatoes and red bell peppers, a dash of hot sauce and a few spices with some extra tomatoes on the side. It was the perfect lunch.

As I expected, the Whitefeather grass-fed filet mignon cut like butter 🙂

Overall a great weekend ~ our food was clean & colorful and we enjoyed a productive day. How did your weekend go?


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