Day 6 in the Paleo Cave

What a busy day! It was my last Monday morning CrossFit class so I woke up bright and early at 4:30AM fired up and ready to start the day. It seems like its been forever since I use to get up every morning at 4AM, popping up like a piece of toast and rising & shining for my 5AM client. Well that client decided to go into group training instead of doing privates and started coming in the evening. That’s when I made the decision that after 23 years vested in my career that it was time to sleep in with my hubby and no longer book 5AM’s. Well until adorable little Ashley batted those beautiful eyes of hers and asked me to put together a Monday 5:30AM class for a few clients to get a jump-start on their summer days. I agreed to a 4 week session and BAM what a wake up call having to be prepped and ready for clients at the break of dawn. I almost forgot what it was like to get up and get moving that early 🙂

So these days are difficult to get breakfast in due to my busy schedule with just enough time to mounge down an orange & swallow a handful of vitamins.

7-10:30AM clients start coming in then a couple of hours to get some paperwork & phone calls done before my afternoon clients with just enough time to make some eggs and enjoy some fresh strawberries.

So once again a low-calorie start to my day, something that I need to work on reversing. I really should be eating like a queen in the AM and nibbling like a pauper in the PM.

Anyway I also got a smoothie in and probably won’t make this one again 😦 I think I put a tad bit too much of the maca root in and it just wasn’t a hitting the ‘spot’ today.

A late afternoon snack of a meat stick cut in 1/2 with an organic cucumber (love these for snacks!!)

And another AWESOME dinner planned with fresh greens from the Farmers Market topped with a Whitefeather chicken breast and fresh beets (Don & I are REALLY into beets right now)! YUM!!

Plus I still have time to get some windows washed before Don gets home because we have a big bridal shower planned for Jaci this weekend!!!

So, is anyone ready to join me in my Paleo Cave yet?


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