Day 10 in the Paleo Cave

Such a busy Friday but it seems like this whole week has been totally CRAZY! I didn’t get a chance to post last nights dinner which was totally AWESOME, so here’s the pic of our fabulous bison & fresh veggie dinner.

oh and I finally got a chance to run up to the Westfield Farmer’s Market yesterday

And I brought home all of this fresh YUMMINESS for $12.25!!

We also had a KICK ASS CrossFit Class in honor of Jaci getting married in just 65 days. Check out what was on the agenda 🙂

Since I worked 6-10AM this morning I had a late breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon & a couple of these fresh picked veggies.

I added an apple & a few cherries with sunflower seeds for a quick afternoon snack and as of now we are not real sure what we’re doing for dinner. We have calling hours from 6-8PM tonight for an old friend who passed away & since today is Don’s 51st birthday we may go out & enjoy a late dinner 🙂 I guess we’ll just ‘wing it’ and see what happens!

Another crazy busy weekend ahead so I’ll probably mash all my days into one blog and post late Sunday or Monday. Focus on your protein & fibrous carb TOGETHER at every meal and let me know how this Paleo plan is fitting into your lifestyle 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 10 in the Paleo Cave

  1. Ash

    I’ve only tried the bison burgers & hotdogs from White Feather’s I’ll have to get a steak next time, it looks great.

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