Day 13 in the Paleo Cave

What a crazy couple days we’ve had here at the Laney house. An old friend passed away last week so we had a houseful of friends camped out during the funeral which meant a ton of laughter, memories and catching up with a couple late nights of wine drinking. Definitely not on the Paleo plan but hey, two weeks in the cave and I wanted to enjoy a couple of glasses of red wine with old friends, I figured the extra antioxidants would do me some good πŸ™‚

Salads, eggs, ground beef & veggies for most of the weekend. I didn’t drink any of the mimosa that were at my daughters bridal shower but I did enjoy Jaci & Kara entertaining us by seeing how far they could shoot the champagne corks πŸ™‚ hahaha

Jaci’s bridal party did a fantastic job setting everything up with a ton of great food

I actually ate two platefuls and could have gone back for more

But I wanted to save room for this AMAZING cupcake that Kara had a friend make for the shower πŸ™‚

And I did enjoy one bite of this red velvet cake pop that Kara & her sister Lauren made. Too cute!!

Jaci’s bridal party is da bomb!! I opened my home up to host the party and they did EVERYTHING else themselves. Thank you for that girls, it was totally AWESOME!

A few pics of Jaci’s gorgeous bridal party. Sister Brittney, with her daughter, Peyton Rileigh πŸ™‚

Best friend, Kara, with bride to be, Jaci πŸ™‚

Adorable good friends, Rose & Casey

Our beautiful Mother/Daughter duo, Patti & Abby, soloists for the wedding. These two awesome women have been in our life for almost 20 years πŸ™‚

And our beautiful Communion server for the catholic mass, sister in-law, Terri πŸ™‚

Before you know it I’ll be posting wedding pics!

Stay focused on your Paleo plan this week. Remember to hydrate in this heat and get your outside cardio done early in the morning before noon if possible.

And for those of you in the CrossFit classes this week we will definitely be inside due to the heat index. Create the best day EVER!

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