Day 17 in the Paleo Cave

I can’t believe it’s Friday already and almost 3 weeks in the Paleo cave. I’ve been so busy here at the CrossFit Commotion studio that I haven’t even had time to get any writing in for the blog.

And my little bundle of trouble, Peyton, was here on Wednesday checking her garden

She’s been checking her crop, picking the ripe cherry tomatoes and taking them to Lodi Lumber and Lodi Library teasing them with a taste of her stock so when her plants start producing bulk she can sell them to buy more books! lol

And I just LOVE the Wednesday morning Kids Fitness Class!! I’m tickled to be a part of introducing fitness as a fun part of their day 🙂

We spent the last week learning wall crawls, squats, jumping jacks, BOSU jumping and working on pull-ups and balance exercises. I’ll be hosting another class starting the end of September so be sure to sign up and reserve your spot!

My paleo food plan has been consistent protein, fibrous carbs and very little complex carb. Besides the hot flashes and night sweats I feel great and since I am usually in the “Paleo cave” my pant size hasn’t changed, they just seem to fit “better” because of the reduction in complex carbs.

I’m not big on pasta but yesterday I added a small amount to my dinner because I’ve been running a little bit more this week. The Susan Komen 5K is next weekend and I needed to get at least 9 miles in this week to be able to complete this event.

And check this out! I found this Primal Roots red wine in Acme supermarket the other day ~ wondering if this is on the Paleo Plan?! lol

Hahaha and Killer Carole grew her 1st pickle EVER ~ Check it out!

But then Don found this creepy little worm eating away at my beefsteak tomatoes!

Don put it in a paper towel, left it outside on the fire pit to see if it could escape and yep, it ate a  hole in the paper towel and it is now on the loose! As of tonight we still cannot find it! lol

Another busy weekend ahead with one last bridal shower for Jaci. Next week I’ll have some AWESOME news to share about my oldest daughter Brittney so be sure to check back!!