Day 20 in the Paleo Cave

Is it Monday already? I can’t believe how fast this weekend went by! Grandma Stiller had a bridal shower for Jaci & Tim making this their 3rd shower. If was so much fun meeting Tim’s side of the family and enjoying some time with his adorable little Grandma. She put together a fabulous shower with some great food and this AWESOME cake from The Westside Bakery

We’ve had some pretty awesome dinners with Whitefeather chicken, beef, bison and fresh veggies morning, noon and night. I’ve also been making bigger portion sizes at dinner so I have left overs for breakfast. Lunches have been BLT’s without the bread, fruit, different juices using garden veggies, maca and a variety of protein smoothies.

Then my friend/client, Joy, brought over some of her fresh picked veggies. Her plants are twice the size of mine & her veggies are oh so GOOD!!! THANK YOU Joy ~ you are da bomb 🙂

Don & I are spending this week celebrating 30 years of marriage.

He needed to use up some vacation days so we decided to do a couple of day trips. Today we hiked up at the Cuyahoga National Park

It was so peaceful sitting by the Falls

And we had a ton of fun hiking through the woods. I even mentioned to Don how lucky I was after 30 years to still have my boy scout by my side 🙂 hahaha

And then a quick stop at the Winking Lizard to toast our 30 years 🙂

And we decided that a great way to end this day of play would be to go watch our granddaughters t-ball game 🙂

So how is your Paleo plan going? Do me a favor and take this quick survey, maybe I can help to motivate you to stick with the plan – it’s really easy to fit Paleo into your lifestyle 🙂


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