Day 29 in the Paleo Cave

Almost 1 month in the cave with just a couple peeks outside 🙂 It’s been another crazy week here at the studio and I must say I’ve had quite a few clients that have made some amazing progress over the last few weeks! KUDOS to those of you that have been CONSISTENT & given 100%, it definitely shows and all of those hard workouts with all of those BURPEES have paid off!

I was totally impressed by Jaci, Jeff, Ashley, Christy, Kara, Brittany & Peggy at the Susan G. Komen 5K this past weekend. Way to ROCK it gang, I’m looking forward to doing this 5K race with all of you next year!

Jaci & Jeff SMASHED this 5K coming in with a time of 29 minutes! WOOOHOOO!!!!

And we found out later that evening that we made it on Channel 19 NEWS, well, our behinds did 🙂 hahaha

We’ve added a ton of fresh veggies into all of our meals and the chicken from Whitefeather Meats has been FANTASTIC! I even splurged with a sweet potato for dinner last week prior to the 5K race thinking that a little complex carb would be beneficial. I think it helped because I had my fastest average per mile that morning 🙂

Doesn’t that pic above of the veggies look like a duck face? lol. Don thinks I’m crazy taking pics of all my food but I had to laugh when I saw that. And check out our fresh bush pickles from our garden! YUMMY

I’ve also had my bundle of trouble twice this week & she just LOVES to make magic juice! Carrots, apples & oranges for her and spinach added to mine. HEAVEN!!!

LOVE that I can get all these vitamins right into her bloodstream 🙂

While teaching her the importance of getting in her fruits & veggies!

And not only do I have the opportunity to educate & be a good role model to my gorgeous granddaughter, I also have the opportunity to teach some amazing little ones the importance of making fitness a fun part of their day!

One more CrossFit Kids class left in this series then we’ll be starting another 6-week session the end of September. Contact me at 330.948.FITT if you want to secure a spot for your little one!!

Create a great weekend and be sure to eat PALEO!!!

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