Day 36 in the Paleo Cave

OMG we only have 36 more days until the BIG day!! August is just flying by and before we know it the kids will be back in school. Speaking of kids, check out our Kids Fitness Class, our little CrossFit Olympians right here in Medina Ohio 🙂

They just LOVED the “Human Sled”

Well, until they had to pull the CrossFit Moms! haha

6 weeks into it and they are all getting the hang of the hurdles! So impressive!!

I’m so excited to be a part of teaching the little ones and their Moms’ the importance of fitness 🙂 If you are interested in registering for our next Kids Fitness Class in Medina Ohio, call us at CrossFit Commotion 330.948.FITT (3488)

Kids Fitness Class


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