My Days in the Paleo Cave

Nothing unusual in the cave over the past week. We’ve had a ton of great veggies in our diet and our garden has been producing just enough for Don & I to eat fresh every day 🙂

And I’m still hoping that consistently juicing this Maca root will relieve these daily hot flashes and night sweats that I’ve been having!

So did any of you get a chance to go this years Valley City Frog Jump? We’ve lived here all of our life and we’ve never been there, well, until this year when we decided to take our little bundle of trouble granddaughter.

We got her registered then rented her a frog. It was the smallest darn frog I’ve ever seen.

But it didn’t matter to Pey, she had a blast jumpin’ the frog with Poppa and we created another fun memory in our book of life 🙂

And more memories with Jaci’s 4th bridal shower. Her co-workers decided to throw her a shower and I surprised her by bringing Peyton & Don with me.

A productive weekend getting a ton of stuff done around the house and an even better evening when Don offered to take me out to eat. I chose the Oaks Lodge because it’s close to home and they have GREAT fish! It was the perfect night to sit outside & eat by the lake.

Since we arrived right at 5PM we asked for the best seat in the house and were escorted to a perfect view of a wedding that just started. Luckily I remembered to grab my Nikon before we headed out to take some pics of the property while we were there so it was the perfect opportunity to experience our 1st time as WEDDING CRASHER PAPARAZZI’S!!! hahaha

We got some AWESOME pics, introduced ourselves as the neighborhood paparazzi (even signed their guestbook-lol) and we put together this link for the newlyweds 🙂 So CONGRATS to our new friends Erik & Laura Peterson, it was fun stalking you two on your special day 🙂

An even better day today when I woke up and challenged my husband to a tennis match. An ongoing joke around here is that I can kick Don’s butt in just about everything including tennis. What’s funny about that is neither of us know the 1st thing about playing tennis. So when I woke up this morning I rolled over & told Don that this was the perfect morning to redeem himself & I challenged him to that game of tennis. Guess you can probably tell by the pic who ended up buying breakfast! blahahahahaha

I’m looking forward to meeting with all of my clients this week. We’ve been kickin’ ass and takin’ names in all of my personal training sessions & in all of the CrossFit Classes so this week will be no exception 🙂

Create the best week ever and leave me a comment on how you all are doing!!


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