Has Anyone Made Any of the Recipes That I’ve Posted?

If so, how did they turn out? Does anyone have any input for all of us? My life is pretty much Paleo so if you’re struggling with your weight then the 1st thing you need to do is get ALL sugar and ALL breads, pastas, & cereals OUT OF YOUR DIET! You’ll notice a huge difference IMMEDIATELY!

This morning was the perfect morning for a little CrossFit & a quick jog. I just LOVE Fall, the colors, the smells, the brisk cool air. I needed something different so I decided to run down & workout by Chippewa Lake this morning and it was ABSolutely fabulous!

I pretty much had the whole village to myself. Singing, dancing, taking pictures along the way. I’m thinking that the construction workers that were building the lake house thought I was nuts but who cares, I was rockin’ my TPS hat (Thank you Scott Beard at TPS Racing in Brunswick OH) and jammin’ to some Pop music. I was entertained with all the fun stuff I saw along the way 🙂

I actually turned around and ran back to take this next picture. I thought it was just a statue of a dog near a bench & I had to turn around to make sure. Do you think these people have had dog poop problems in the past? Crack me up!

It’s always great to see the retired race horses out & about. Whenever Peyton comes to visit I always find the time to take her down to visit the horses. They love it when they see her get out of the car holding that huge bag of carrots!

Came home to this in the mailbox 🙂

So thank you Poise Products ~ If you need me to try out any of your lubricants or other menopause products, please send them my way! I have plenty of menopausal women who would be happy to try your products and plaster reviews all over Facebook for you 🙂

Its been a great day and I’m excited for my big brother. Seems that he bought himself another toy today and since my hubby won’t buy me one I hope next time I visit I get to play too 🙂

Don & I are looking forward to our weekly tennis match then going to the annual Thyme clambake with a couple of friends 🙂 Hope your weekend is filled with fun & fitness!

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2 thoughts on “Has Anyone Made Any of the Recipes That I’ve Posted?

  1. Faye

    I made the breakfast casserole with the spinach and other vegetables and it was so yummy! Even my husband who isn’t crazy for vector in his eggs loved it!! Have a great weekend!

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