Tis the Season for Indulgence

Avoid the Seasonal “Seven” and Take The 24 Day Challenge Today!

Most of you know that after 24 years in fitness that I DO NOT believe in pills, powders or potions but I have to tell you, ever since I found AdvoCare I FEEL FABULOUS!

It’s Day 14 for me today and to date I have lost 5lbs of body fat! How do I know that it’s all FAT? I document EVERYTHING! I am NOT depriving myself of food & I am NOT dieting! I’ve been following the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge guidelines by the book (and yes, it’s all written down in a log book for you!) and I am totally IMPRESSED!

Keep in mind for me my goal was not necessarily weight loss. I wanted to do the 10 day cleanse with the 24 Day Challenge to get all sugar out of my diet, balance out my hormones and get rid of the “hormonal thickness” that I was feeling. I really had no intention of losing a lot of inches or weight. The positive is that I have not had a daytime hot flash in 7 days but I am still experiencing the 2AM night sweat. Not as severe as it was but I still wake up “warm”, kicking covers off, tossing, turning then finally falling back to sleep. i feel refreshed at 6AM where as before I felt exhausted from the numerous night sweats. When the alarm goes off I’m up and ready to start my day. And most exciting is that I am NOT drinking my normal 2-4 cups of coffee which is unreal for me 🙂

I understand from others that have done this 24 Day Challenge that these last next 10 days are when I will really see a difference in the inches lost so I will remeasure this weekend and update all of you on that part of my progress 🙂

Are you ready to make some changes? Do you want to get in on this Challenge ?? It’s really not hard nor is it time-consuming. If you aren’t eating right & you just need a meal replacement, call me! I have three boxes of meal replacements (vanilla & chocolate) in stock so if you are struggling with what to eat for breakfast or lunch get in here & buy one. Do you have a busy lifestyle and can’t get the correct combo of proteins & carbs in? Then you need to try the AdvoCare meal replacements. They are super easy and they really do taste great!

But this my friends, the 24 Day Challenge, is the ticket to blasting your FAT!

I do have five of these 24 Day Challenge kits in stock so if anyone wants one, CALL OR TEXT ME TODAY at 330.948.FITT and I’ll save one for you!!

Wondering if the AdvoCare products are safe? I wondered the same thing! Check that out here!

I’m here to coach you through the 24 Days! I have a coach that contacts me every few days and he has been such a godsend! He even stopped here at the house to check on me and fill me in the product line. I’ve spoken with other Trainers who have their clients getting FANTASTIC results from this Challenge. And yes, I did this Challenge first so that I know how to guide you and inform you on what to expect as you’re BLASTING FAT & TRANSFORMING the new you!

Here’s to the new YOU this Holiday Season!


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