Day 22 of my 24 Day Advocare Challenge!

Can you believe that it’s been 3 weeks since I started the 24 Day AdvoCare Challenge? I feel FABULOUS and already know that I will continue taking a few of the AdvoCare products.

Tomorrow I will weigh in and remeasure. I’m really not concerned about my body fat or how many inches I’ve lost. My hot flashes are GONE and it is now Day 3 with no more night sweats so I am ECSTATIC!! If I lose a few inches here & there well that’s a bonus but who would have thought that a simple cleansing, no sugar & no caffeine would help to regulate my hormones that quickly. I’m shocked and so excited. The fear is that once I stop using the MNS 3 that all that hormonal YUCK will come back with a vengeance so I’ve decided to continue with the MNS and also reorder the SPARK, Catalyst and the Meal Replacement.

If you’re wondering what AdvoCare is all about and whether or not these products are for you then you really should listen in tomorrow on the 12PM webinar. If you are doing the 24 Day Challenge and you want to get the BEST results then get in on this webinar tomorrow!! Set your alarm on your phone, write this information down, grab a cold bottle of water and check in promptly at 12PM tomorrow! You can spend the first 20 minutes learning all about the products you are taking, how to get top-notch RESULTS and exactly what they can do for you.

Check it out here: 

Saturday (Tomorrow) 11-17 @ 12:00pm
Log on to

You will be prompted for audio dial in 🙂

Tomorrow you will change your life armed with this knowledge, I PROMISE!!

Oh and when you get a minute be sure to check out my little CrossFit Kid!!