Day 24 of my 24 Day AdvoCare Challenge

I did it!! I made it 24 days on the AdvoCare Challenge and the RESULTS are in!

Are you ready? Check this out:

I GAINED weight! WOOT WOOT – Some of you might be saying, is she friggin’ nuts, who wants to GAIN weight? hahaha well I sure do especially if its MUSCLE weight 🙂 And guess what? It is!!! YAHOO!!

In 24 days I gained 3lbs of muscle weight and lost 5.6lbs of FAT. My fat percentage went down a total of 4.9%. My water weight is up today by 2.75lbs but I attribute that to the two days of guacamole with the high sodium seasoning that I used and well, the 2 pumpkin martini’s that I had last night certainly didn’t help me with the water weight but a good flushing with 100 ounces of H2O today and my water weight will be back to normal by tomorrow 🙂

Here’s some interesting stats: I lost 3.375 inches overall with 2 inches off of my waist 🙂 and 1.25 inches off my hips and the remainder off my chest. I no longer have hot flashes and my night sweats are GONE! This was my main goal throughout the Challenge and I accomplished it!

I have 10 clients currently taking the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and the RESULTS they are experiencing in just one week have been quite impressive. The first seven days of the Challenge is focused on cleansing the body of toxins with the remaining days focused on a regimen to stimulate your metabolism. I am so excited to see the changes that all of these Ladies will experience. Remember that something as simple as having more energy, sleeping better at night, clothes fitting a little looser or just having less stress in your day is a positive. All of the little changes that you will enjoy will add up over the 24 days so STAY FOCUSED!


NEWS FLASH: If you are still “on the fence” about taking this Challenge, my upline has just offered to give away a FREE bottle of the FAT BLASTING Catalyst (that’s a $35 value) to anyone who buys a 24 Day Challenge kit by this Tuesday. You can order online & have it delivered right to your door but you’ve got to order it by this Tuesday, 11/20 or you will not get the Freebie! The Catalyst will be delivered to you after you buy the kit!

So if you are ‘thinking’ about doing this Challenge then order it NOW!

And if you are currently doing the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and you are reading this post, please take two minutes and post your results or comment below. Post your thoughts about the products for all of us because it might help others that have found this blog and may be considering doing this Challenge but are still unsure 🙂

Thanks & be sure to tell your family & friends about the FREE CrossFit classes we are offering! You’ll earn FREE classes (with no limit on FREEBIES earned) for your referrals when they join and buy a 10 class pass 🙂

UPDATE: Be sure to check out the comments below!!!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Day 24 of my 24 Day AdvoCare Challenge

  1. Peggy Courtright

    I just started this morning and so far I’m okay with everything! The chocolate shake tastes great i feel I have more energy already!! And that’s mostly what I want from this…weight loss would be just an added benefit!! 🙂

  2. Christy

    I’m on day 13 and I feel great. My energy level sky rocketed and I’m running circles around my family. I’m looking forward to the next 11 days.

  3. Sue K.

    I’m on Day 10 and feel great. I put on a pair of jeans this morning and was pleasantly surprised at how much looser they were around the waist…my hardest area to lose in. I have lots of energy and am looking forward to my next 14 days!!!

  4. Carole

    Ladies ~ please keep in mind that your body will fluctuate on a DAILY basis! Water weight plays a HUGE part on your “scale” weight & your waistline! During this 24 Day Challenge I’d measure one day and be 3″ down in my waist and then I would measure 2 days later and be 2.5″ down. DON’T get frustrated! Days that you eat too much sodium your waistline WLL measure BIGGER because you are “bloated” from an increase in sodium. Days that you are well-hydrated and sodium levels are lower you will notice that your waist is SMALLER! Your body WILL fluctuate & it is perfectly NORMAL!!!

    DO NOT focus on your ‘scale’ weight alone. Take notice on the little things!!! Do you have more energy? Can you focus better during your work day? Are you stronger in your workouts? Can you run FASTER? Are you sleeping better? Those little things are what all add up and create a fitter, stronger, healthier YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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