AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

Happy New Year!!! I’m so excited for 2013 and I’m officially proclaiming it the “all about me” year 🙂 This is the year that I turn the big 5.0. and I vow to make 50 my best year EVER!

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So I’m going to make you all an offer and I’m offering this to you TODAY ONLY! You see last night while Facebooking I got this brilliant idea to initiate a New Years Day Challenge to complete 365 burpees for the day.

crossfit burpees

I am so pumped by all of you that have responded and decided to take action. That tells me that you are into the “all about you” year too 🙂 If you didn’t see it you can check it out here:

So I got another brilliant idea when I started my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge this morning – yes, I am going for it AGAIN! The first time I did the Challenge my menopause symptoms vanished, my hormonal gut fat melted away and I felt FABULOUS! Within days of stopping the AdvoCare products I felt like CRAP! My hot flashes & night sweats returned with a vengeance,  my menopot came back full force and my skinny jeans, well they are folded up nicely in my spare closet 😦 waiting for me to slide back into them.

So what’s the offer?           ,

advocare challenge

I’m going to launch a group 24 day challenge to kickoff 2013 and I wanted to see if you’d be interested in joining me! If you do not know what the 24 Day Challenge is it is a program that AdvoCare has and people are getting great results. Average person is losing 12 pounds, 9 inches, 4% bodyfat, however, this program is for EVERYONE. Even heart patients like my hubby who will be starting next week after his pacemaker surgery. It’s perfect for someone who is already at their ideal body weight and just wants to increase energy, health, and performance too.

Check out this short video clip to hear from others who have taken the 24 Day Challenge! Cool thing about this is that 100% of your investment goes in to actual nutrition for your body. The eating guides, coaching, accountability is all free! They even came out with a workout DVD today that you can do from home if you can’t get to our CrossFit classes.

How it works:

Days 1 – 10 we’ll do the Prep Phase (herbal cleanse, omega 3’s, Spark drink)

Days 11 -24 we’ll do the Max Phase (vitamins, shakes, Spark drink)

We’ll also follow a clean eating guide for 24 days. Nothing crazy. Just being intentional for 24 days about what we put in our body 🙂


Days 1 – 10 retails for $79 and Days 11 – 24 Retails for $109 = $189 / which equates to about $7.87 per day

but right now I can get these MNS Max C & E 24 Day Challenges for $175 which equates to about $7.29 per day!!

What do you think? Wanna join us? Gonna be fun!  AdvoCare is also giving away $40,000 to the Best Overall body transformations so we’ll take before and after pics for those that want to enter that contest as well. Thirty eight male and female winners earn $1,000 and the couple with the best results earn $2,000 🙂

Here’s another website you can check out too.

This offer is your New Year jumpstart and you must let me know by 2:00PM TODAY because I am starting the group on Monday, Jan. 7th so I need to be able to get your order in this afternoon and to you before Monday.

Oh and here’s the BONUS KICK IN THE BUTT to this offer! I’m going to invest in the first 10 people who want to do this with us by purchasing the Workout DVD for you as my gift back to you!! Go over and check it out – this DVD series is just what you need to jumpstart your FAT-BLASTING New Year!

But you only have until 2:00PM TODAY to get in this deal that I am offering! Email me at or text me at 330.948.FITT (3488) if you’re in!!

Make 2013 your best year EVER!

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