Pacemaker Recovery ~ Day 12 of Don’s AdvoCare Challenge!

So much to do and so little time! I have not been updating this blog and I apologize for that. Between nursing my hubby back to health, trying to get my running in and teaching a ton of CrossFit classes, the days have just gotten away from me!

Quick update on Don: He is doing AWESOME!! The surgery was on 1/03 at Southwest General Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute.

southwest general

He needed a few minutes of quiet time as he walked to the surgical unit to prep for his new pacemaker. We were both a little nervous but knew that without this procedure he would die so right before Christmas we made some decisions… we knew the what, we just didn’t know the where, who & when.

pacemaker surgery

We chose Southwest General because seven years ago Don had his mechanical valve implanted there. Although his surgeon who performed the implant has retired we loved the Southwest staff, the service & thought the entire hospital experience was FANTASTIC! We found Dr Giannattasio online after some extensive research and decided that he would be our “main electrician” for the pacemaker procedure.

After a quick check in we were back in surgical prep & waiting for Dr. G  to finish another surgery and take Don in for his new life saving device.

pacemaker surgery

Two hours later Dr G came out to tell us that our bionic man was a rock star! Don did great and everything went as expected! If anyone needs a cardiologist, this is your man! He spoke English and he explained EVERYTHING to us in detail. We just LOVE this guy!!

Doctor G Southwest General
Doctor Bartolomeo Giannattasio

An overnight stay to be sure the pacemaker is functioning well and a quick release the next morning 🙂

pacemaker surgery at southwest

A little rehab from his Trainer wife, hee hee, plus a regimen of AdvoCare products and Don was back to work six days later 🙂

AdvoCare Challenge

Today is Day 12 of Don’s 24 Day AdvoCare Challenge and he feels like a million bucks! I LOVE seeing him get excited about the products and what they have done for his recovery. I have been involved with AdvoCare since October 2012 and have nothing but praise for their products! Today I tried this for the first time.

AdvoCare PRO-20

And all I can say is WOW!!  I ran almost 5 miles in less than an hour and felt AMAZING!! Keep in mind that this was only my 4th time out running in the past two months so this is quite an accomplishment for this little ole’ lady who never runs 🙂 Here’s a little info on this PRO-20 product:

  • Hydrolyzed protein for fast absorption
  • Supports building lean muscle mass*
  • Helps improve reaction time and agility*
  • Helps increase power output and accelerate gains in speed and strength*
  • B vitamins for energy*
  • Electrolytes for recovery and maintenance*
  • Contains alpha-GPC

Oh and that along with a spoonful of motivation from my iPhone running buddy who was sitting at home drinking coffee and texting me the whole time 🙂 haha



CrossFit Medina Ohio

It’s these little things that keep me going plus logging my accomplishments that make me smile & keep me fit 🙂

Medina CrossFit Commotion

My CrossFit girls are kickin’ ass and takin’ names! Classes are booming and everyone who has been putting in 100% is seeing the RESULTS from all of their hard work! I’ll update you on all of that SOON!!!

Enjoy an ACTIVE weekend 🙂