Check out this ‘Green Juice’ recipe!

Today I received a few emails asking for my best green juice recipe. I’ll be honest with you, the joke around my house is that I am no Betty effin’ Crocker and I tend to just ‘throw’ things together. I don’t measure, I improvise with whatever I have in the fridge, I leave ingredients out, I add odd things, and I basically just do my own thing.

So here’s what my green juice looked like today 🙂

green juice

I pulled out my Juiceman II and grabbed a handful of kale, some celery stalks, pineapple, 1 large peeled cucumber and a chunk of lemon. All of these items juiced together tasted AMAZING & it was so refreshing!

kale, pineapple, cucumber juice

And since this is THE year (I told my hubby it was all about me this year! ha) that I turn the BIG 5.0. I also wanted to share some stats with you on what other 50-year-old women are doing in the gym. Check out what some of the top, more mature,  CrossFit Girls are doing:

CrossFit Girls

I don’t know about you but those kind of stats motivate & inspire me to continue to train HARD & SMART! And my CrossFit Girls here at CrossFit Commotion have been kickin’ ass and takin’ names!

CrossFit Barbara

The CrossFit Girls KILLED “Cupid’s Revenge” on Valentines Day & ROCKED the studio walls 🙂

CrossFit Girls

And a special SHOUT OUT to Julie who totally SMASHED the Valentines Day workout in these SMOKIN’ HOT socks!

CrossFit Medina Ohio

And for those of you looking to strengthen your core & do a plank a day, I found this 21 Day Plank Challenge that you might want to try!

CrossFit Medina

And remember……

CrossFit Girls Medina OH


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    Hi Carole, Love getting your juice recipes!! We have been juicing at work most days and its been great!! Thought I’d share our favorite!!

    2 cups green grapes 1 cup pineapple 1/4 lime with rind 2 oranges, peeled, but leave the white part spinach or kale ice and some water if needed hope you enjoy it!! faye

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