Abs are made in the kitchen!

I have to snicker when a client comes in and asks me to do “ab work” 🙂 I snicker because EVERYTHING we do here at the CrossFit studio is AB work!! The core (from rib cage to hips) is engaged in everything you do, if not, you are putting yourself at risk for injury!

But engaging the core is a very small portion in creating that infamous 8-pack. Hydrating with 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water & eating clean 80% of the time is truly the ‘secret’ to being lean, fit, strong & RIPPED!

I’ve mentioned juicing numerous times & I’ve had clients ask me what I eat throughout the day. Here’s an example of what today looked like 🙂

Breakfast was an AdvoCare meal replacement and a handful of almonds & lunch was a small piece of a skinless chicken leg and “green juice” consisting of 1 large cucumber, 1 large fuji apple, 5 carrots and a huge handful of kale

Green juice

It was both delicious and fulfilling!

Green juice

Dinner planned for tonight will be stuffed salmon and mashed cauliflower 🙂

stuffed salmon

I know that my youngest daughter just LOVES this salmon dish so since she’s staying for dinner I thought I would surprise her with it 😉

And our little grandpuppy had her surgery today 😦


She is doing great, resting comfortably and will be staying the night at the vet for observation. Oh and check this out, I got some great deals at the Summit Mall today!

VS was giving away FREE panties 😉

VS Panties

And a FREE iPhone case 🙂

VS Free iPhone case

And now I get to play with a bunch of my Crossfit girls in the 6PM class tonight!! Stay hydrated & check back soon for some new juice recipes that I’ll be trying this weekend!