CrossFit Girls in Medina OH

We are having a ton of fun here at the studio & EVERYONE is making significant improvement 🙂 Joy is kickin’ ass on her deadlifts banging out 205lbs with no problem!

CrossFit Medina

Patti is down another 6lbs, Sue is KILLING it with her 65lb push press & Jaci has definitely shown improvement in her gymnastic skills! lol

crossfit girls

Gail is CRUSHING every workout I challenge her with!

medina crossfit

I am so impressed with ALL of you 😉

CrossFit Challenge

CrossFit Medina OH

We’re excited that Leslie is back with us and a special welcome to Mary Kay who just joined our fitness family. The 10:00AM Tuesday class with newbies, Heidi, Kim, Dianne, & Sharon are wrapping up their 4 week program with great SUCCESS & we have a new Terrific Tween fitness class that is now forming 🙂

Girls Only CrossFit Class

We had a lot of fun with our little ones last year so we’ll also be putting together another Kids Class this Spring. Be sure to sign up here on the blog to receive all of the latest updates!

CrossFit Kids Medina OH

Crossfit Kids Medina OH STAY ACTIVE!!

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