CrossFit Class At Lodi Library in Medina Ohio

CrossFit Medina Ohio

What a fun day I had speaking at the “How To Festival” at Lodi Library today! We spent an hour working on compound movements and discussing the most effective exercises to stimulate the metabolism. We talked about safety & high intensity exercises plus how to implement more advanced moves once strength has improved. We discussed Rhabdomyolysis and how to avoid it. We did some tube work for beginners and also learned how to do ball work for stabilization, balance and core. Everyone in attendance went home with a free tube so they could start their fitness regimen IMMEDIATELY 🙂

A special THANK YOU goes out to Librarian Beth at Lodi Library and Tonya at Medina Library for the gift certificate to Thyme restaurant 🙂 One of my most favorite places to dine!

CrossFit Commotion, run by Carole Laney, a 25 year veteran in the Fitness industry, is a CrossFit affiliate in Medina, OH catering to WOMEN ONLY. We are a private 2000 square foot CrossFit/Rowing studio catering to females of all ages, sizes & abilities 🙂

To learn more about our CrossFit classes in Medina, Ohio & reserve your first FREE class, please call Carole at 330.948.FITT.

I promise, you’ll be glad you did!