4 Days To A 10K

No, that’s not a joke! I trained 4 days than ran a 10K 🙂

Rite Aid Marathon

And no, I do not recommend that anyone do this!

This 4 day to a 10K idea started last Tuesday, 5/14 when my youngest daughter called and said, “Mom, a girl at work can’t run the Rite Aid 10K this weekend. Do you want to run it?” My reply, “Seriously J? I have not been training at all for this. I’ve only been walking/slogging 2-3 miles at a time & my feet have been KILLING me! But sure, I’ll give it a try.”

I hung up the phone and thought what the heck did I just get myself involved in, guess its time to break in my new shoes 😉

Cleveland Marathon

And so in 4 days I trained smart… I set a goal to finish vertically in 1:20. I iced, foam rolled, stretched, & was diligent with my AdvoCare supplements, I juiced daily and I DID  IT! Check out my Runkeeper training log:

4 Days To A 10k

rock and roll cleveland ohio

My point behind this post is that if you want something bad enough you can do it. Put your heart and soul in it and you CAN do it. After the race when I got home my husband sat and ate breakfast with me, told me how proud he was that I went out there and did it. He then left me alone for 3 hours to TLC, soak & reflect on my morning.

Surprising I wasn’t sore. The next day I went out and walked 2 miles after work and then took time to TLC again (that’s the key!) I am registered to run another 10K in August in honor of my Dad & my goal is to run it in 1:10 🙂

So set a goal for yourself & JUST GET OUT THERE & DO IT!