Chair Massage Available!

chair massage medina ohioNeed a chair massage? After all we put ourselves through on a daily basis we need to take care of our bodies. I know that most of us don’t dedicate time before and after our workout to mobility and stretching. This is EXTREMELY important to do so PLEASE just DO IT! Even if it means staying after class a few minutes longer just to foam roll 🙂

foam roll

When the week is rough or you aren’t recovering like you should, if everything is sore or you have a nagging elbow pinch from the thousand pull ups that you did in Saturday’s class then please make an appointment with me even if it’s for 5 minutes after your workout to get a chair massage. It helps to recover and you will see greater results because of it!

chair massage medina ohio

I have been working with massage therapists throughout my 25 years in this industry and I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of massage 🙂 I have been “thumping” clients for the past 3 years and have helped many people relieve the pain of injuries, stress, and body discomfort. I love what I do and I believe whole-heartedly in the many wonderful benefits of fitness & massage.  Massage can help support your fitness program, helping you achieve your performance goals with minimum injury and pain. Massage enhances tissue elasticity and joint flexibility; it improves blood and lymph circulation, and relieves muscle aches and stiffness. I encourage everyone to try a chair massage and incorporate it into your general wellness care.

Prices: $1 a minute or $25 for 30 minutes
Chair massage is available by appointment only. Schedule your appointment today! 330.948.FITT