Merrell BAREFOOT Shoes

A special THANK YOU to Second Sole in Medina OH. A couple of weeks ago they invited a few of us local Trainers to the store to view store inventory & learn a little bit about the products available to our clients.

Second Sole Medina OH

The store is beautiful and they have a full line of quality athletic wear, a fantastic variety of really cool athletic shoes, items for plantar fasciitis & they even carry foam rollers!

Second Sole Medina

The Merrell Shoe Rep was there to educate us about the newest shoes available for minimalist. He even gave us a free pair to take home and try them in our daily activities. The past couple weeks I have worn them cycling, rowing, jumping, walking, crossfitting, kettlebelling and running to the grocery store. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!


These minimalist shoes are a cross between barefoot shoes and traditional running shoes. They are a great way for runners to ease into barefoot running. They are extremely lightweight construction with little to no arch support and a minimal heel height of 4-8mm to encourage a natural running motion and a midfoot strike to improve posture. They are helpful in strengthening those unused foot & leg muscles & I really like that they offer some cushioning and flex.

We also got a really cool water bottle & a pair of running socks. The water bottle is a perfect size for fitting in my bike holder and the socks have been my new favorite because the compression feels like they’re ‘hugging’ my feet 😉 LOVE them!

If you need anything related to fitness go over to Second Sole & check them out. Tell Joanie that Carole sent you & she’ll give you 10% off your purchase just for mentioning my name. You’ll then get put in the computer & receive 10% off all future purchases for life 🙂

And remember… The Only Difference Between A Good Day & A Bad Day Is Your ATTITUDE!

Carole Laney