Have you seen the #RoadID yet?

It’s Who I Am and I just got mine a couple weeks ago! Check it out, I love it!


I decided to purchase this #RoadID after one of my long slogs’ when a young driver was talking on her cell phone & almost hit me. It seems that noone pays attention on these country roads, flying over the hilly terrain, talking & texting on their cell phones and that incident just scared the heck out of me. A couple times per week I lace up my tennies, lock the house and set out for a quick run around the neighborhood. I would grab a house key & my iPhone to track my distance but I’d never take any form of identification in the event of an emergency.

RoadIDWell not anymore because now I snap on my cool lookin’ #RoadID and I feel a lot safer knowing that if medical personal assist me they will be armed with all of the necessary info to contact my loved ones & get me the fastest care possible. If you’re a runner/walker/hiker/cyclist or know anyone who is, please share this post with them and order by clicking the pic above or click this link. This RoadID would make a great birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift & you may just save your life or someone you love!

I also wanted to fill you in on what is happening here at the studio.

Pole dance class medina ohioWe are expanding and turning the garage into a pole strength training studio!!! You may have noticed that we are moving cabinets out, painting the ceilings and preparing to paint the walls. Please bear with us as we are having a contractor come in on 8/16 to lay the new epoxy floor and we will take the remainder of August to secure the poles & add the finishing touches 😉

stripper pole classes medina ohio

Unfortunately due to the space needed to twirl, invert and climb, we only have two poles & this type of training requires a lot of strength & concentration to perform the exercises safely so we will not be using the poles in our group #CrossFit classes 😦 I will however be scheduling private and pair training sessions for these classes so if you are interested in scheduling be sure to get in NOW. I am booking into September for these sessions.

CrossFit Medina

Oh & this years Kids Fitness Class was a blast! We had 12 children participate in the 6 week session & we had a ton of fun! We ended the series with a costume party & a social that included watermelon & an opportunity for the kids to sit & chat. We had a few kids missing for this class pic due to other commitments but next year we’ll be sure to host a couple different weeks of costume fun so everyone can get involved!

CrossFit Kids

Thank you to all of the parents that shared their little ones with me. I enjoyed teaching them & look forward to seeing them all back next year!

Medina OH kids fitness class

I have so much more to share but it’s time to get up and get moving so I’ll touch base soon! Stay POSITIVE!!

Crossfit Medina

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#crossfit medina ohio


CrossFit Classes in Medina Ohio

Elite Fitness For Women

CrossFit Medina

Current Class schedule:

Tuesday’s at 6:00-6:45PM

Thursday’s at 6:00-6:45PM

Saturday’s at 7:30-8:15AM

** NEW CLASS ** June 12th through July 31st ~ Wednesday’s at 9:30AM. Drop in fee: $20 or 8 classes for $120.

Because we are a private Women ONLY fitness studio you must reserve your spot in class by calling 330.948.FITT

GOT KIDS? Then check out our kids class that will be starting on June 7th. Space is limited in this 6 week program. Cost is only $39 🙂

CrossFit Kids Medina OH

Reservation for your child is required. Call 330.948.FITT to reserve a spot!

CrossFit Kids Medina OH

Do you know a “Tween” between the age of 10-15? Then check out our Girls ONLY Tweens class that begins on June 6th – contact Carole ASAP to reserve your spot 🙂

Girls Only CrossFit ClassOur outside classes have already started so PREPARE by keeping a few of these items in your car. Bring a change of clothes in case we get down & dirty, gloves, extra water & a beach towel!

Housewives of Medina CrossFit Class

YAHOa weekend time change means that Spring is just around the corner and yesterday was such a gorgeous day, wasn’t it?! Don & I are in the middle of finishing our kitchen remodel and we had an opportunity to do a lot of the plywood cutting out on the deck. It felt so good to be outside, get a little sunshine ✲ and keep all of that sawdust outdoors 🙂

And since today is such a rainy ☔ day I had a couple of hours downtime between fitness clients & decided to pull out some of my Spring/Summer clothes. I’m looking forward to wearing my new shorts that I got on clearance last year. I always shop the end of the year sales at the Lodi Station Outlets. I get some great deals on all of the size zeros that nobody fit in 😉

Which brings me to the question… How do your shorts fit this year? Have you achieved all of your weight loss goals? Did you pull out any of your Summer gear yet?

If you need to kick up your workout routine & you’re available on Tuesday mornings at 9:30AM give me a call at 330.948.FITT. We have a new 4-week CrossFit class forming that will consist of indoor rowing and some ➨ KILLER CrossFit routines. I’d LoVe to work with you 🙂

Check it out  ⇲

CrossFit Medina Ohio

If you know anyone that might benefit from this exercise program please do me a huge favor by sharing this blog post on your Facebook page & give them the gift of health 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME SPREAD THE FITNESS WORD!!!!

And Ladies, remember… STAY OFF THE SCALE!

CrossFit Medina OH

CrossFit Girls in Medina OH

We are having a ton of fun here at the studio & EVERYONE is making significant improvement 🙂 Joy is kickin’ ass on her deadlifts banging out 205lbs with no problem!

CrossFit Medina

Patti is down another 6lbs, Sue is KILLING it with her 65lb push press & Jaci has definitely shown improvement in her gymnastic skills! lol

crossfit girls

Gail is CRUSHING every workout I challenge her with!

medina crossfit

I am so impressed with ALL of you 😉

CrossFit Challenge

CrossFit Medina OH

We’re excited that Leslie is back with us and a special welcome to Mary Kay who just joined our fitness family. The 10:00AM Tuesday class with newbies, Heidi, Kim, Dianne, & Sharon are wrapping up their 4 week program with great SUCCESS & we have a new Terrific Tween fitness class that is now forming 🙂

Girls Only CrossFit Class

We had a lot of fun with our little ones last year so we’ll also be putting together another Kids Class this Spring. Be sure to sign up here on the blog to receive all of the latest updates!

CrossFit Kids Medina OH

Crossfit Kids Medina OH STAY ACTIVE!!

$20 off the Pretty Muddy Race! Do it NOW!

Pretty Muddy  Have you ever heard of the Pretty Muddy 5k Race? You can check it out here on this blog post. It’s a FUN women’s ONLY race for those Ladies that aren’t afraid to get down & dirty and TODAY ONLY you can save BIG $$$!

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pretty muddy badgeCheck out the 2013 Pretty Muddy Events in your area and if you’re registering in the Columbus area, I’ll see you there!!

Dallas, TX – June 1

Sacramento, CA – June 29

Chicago, IL – September 7

Columbus, OH- September 14

Richmond, VA – September 28

Atlanta, GA – October 12

Tampa, FL – November 30

Miami, FL – December 7

Still wondering what this Pretty Muddy 5k Race is all about? Check it out on YouTube here Arrow

* Pretty Muddy Social Media Sites * Also be sure to stay updated and follow all of the Pretty Muddy social media sites!!https://twitter.com/Pretty_Muddy

Pacemaker Recovery ~ Day 12 of Don’s AdvoCare Challenge!

So much to do and so little time! I have not been updating this blog and I apologize for that. Between nursing my hubby back to health, trying to get my running in and teaching a ton of CrossFit classes, the days have just gotten away from me!

Quick update on Don: He is doing AWESOME!! The surgery was on 1/03 at Southwest General Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute.

southwest general

He needed a few minutes of quiet time as he walked to the surgical unit to prep for his new pacemaker. We were both a little nervous but knew that without this procedure he would die so right before Christmas we made some decisions… we knew the what, we just didn’t know the where, who & when.

pacemaker surgery

We chose Southwest General because seven years ago Don had his mechanical valve implanted there. Although his surgeon who performed the implant has retired we loved the Southwest staff, the service & thought the entire hospital experience was FANTASTIC! We found Dr Giannattasio online after some extensive research and decided that he would be our “main electrician” for the pacemaker procedure.

After a quick check in we were back in surgical prep & waiting for Dr. G  to finish another surgery and take Don in for his new life saving device.

pacemaker surgery

Two hours later Dr G came out to tell us that our bionic man was a rock star! Don did great and everything went as expected! If anyone needs a cardiologist, this is your man! He spoke English and he explained EVERYTHING to us in detail. We just LOVE this guy!!

Doctor G Southwest General
Doctor Bartolomeo Giannattasio

An overnight stay to be sure the pacemaker is functioning well and a quick release the next morning 🙂

pacemaker surgery at southwest

A little rehab from his Trainer wife, hee hee, plus a regimen of AdvoCare products and Don was back to work six days later 🙂

AdvoCare Challenge

Today is Day 12 of Don’s 24 Day AdvoCare Challenge and he feels like a million bucks! I LOVE seeing him get excited about the products and what they have done for his recovery. I have been involved with AdvoCare since October 2012 and have nothing but praise for their products! Today I tried this for the first time.

AdvoCare PRO-20

And all I can say is WOW!!  I ran almost 5 miles in less than an hour and felt AMAZING!! Keep in mind that this was only my 4th time out running in the past two months so this is quite an accomplishment for this little ole’ lady who never runs 🙂 Here’s a little info on this PRO-20 product:

  • Hydrolyzed protein for fast absorption
  • Supports building lean muscle mass*
  • Helps improve reaction time and agility*
  • Helps increase power output and accelerate gains in speed and strength*
  • B vitamins for energy*
  • Electrolytes for recovery and maintenance*
  • Contains alpha-GPC

Oh and that along with a spoonful of motivation from my iPhone running buddy who was sitting at home drinking coffee and texting me the whole time 🙂 haha



CrossFit Medina Ohio

It’s these little things that keep me going plus logging my accomplishments that make me smile & keep me fit 🙂

Medina CrossFit Commotion

My CrossFit girls are kickin’ ass and takin’ names! Classes are booming and everyone who has been putting in 100% is seeing the RESULTS from all of their hard work! I’ll update you on all of that SOON!!!

Enjoy an ACTIVE weekend 🙂

Day 10 of the AdvoCare Challenge is going well!!

Hey Gang, I’m still here! I know its been awhile since I’ve posted 🙂 Today is Day 10 of my AdvoCare Challenge and the results are definitely quicker to notice this second time around on the Challenge.

advocare 24 day challenge

I also wanted to THANK all of you for the prayers and support this past week 🙂 My husband is recovering from surgery and he decided to do the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge with me. He is on Day 5, has lost 3 pounds & has commented numerous times on how good he feels. Today is his 7th day in rehab and he is already back to work! I’ll post all about Don’s pacemaker surgery, recovery and rehab sometime this weekend so be sure to check back!

It’s just been a crazy zoo here at the CrossFit studio with groups, privates/pair training & oldies coming back in for a tweaking after struggling with Holiday eating.

CrossFit Medina OH

Evening groups are ROCKIN’ the studio with most of the women kicking up their weights a notch and seeing some major fat loss because of this 🙂

CrossFit Commotion

And just a reminder if you are struggling with getting your daily exercise in, AdvoCare has just released an awesome exercise DVD that is a two disc set that includes 7 different workouts each only 24 minutes long! NO EXCUSES anymore!! You can stop and pick one up from me or you can order it here!

I’ve got a busy day ahead so we’ll chat again soon! Stay HYDRATED!!!

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

Happy New Year!!! I’m so excited for 2013 and I’m officially proclaiming it the “all about me” year 🙂 This is the year that I turn the big 5.0. and I vow to make 50 my best year EVER!

CrossFit Medina OH

So I’m going to make you all an offer and I’m offering this to you TODAY ONLY! You see last night while Facebooking I got this brilliant idea to initiate a New Years Day Challenge to complete 365 burpees for the day.

crossfit burpees

I am so pumped by all of you that have responded and decided to take action. That tells me that you are into the “all about you” year too 🙂 If you didn’t see it you can check it out here:

So I got another brilliant idea when I started my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge this morning – yes, I am going for it AGAIN! The first time I did the Challenge my menopause symptoms vanished, my hormonal gut fat melted away and I felt FABULOUS! Within days of stopping the AdvoCare products I felt like CRAP! My hot flashes & night sweats returned with a vengeance,  my menopot came back full force and my skinny jeans, well they are folded up nicely in my spare closet 😦 waiting for me to slide back into them.

So what’s the offer?           ,

advocare challenge

I’m going to launch a group 24 day challenge to kickoff 2013 and I wanted to see if you’d be interested in joining me! If you do not know what the 24 Day Challenge is it is a program that AdvoCare has and people are getting great results. Average person is losing 12 pounds, 9 inches, 4% bodyfat, however, this program is for EVERYONE. Even heart patients like my hubby who will be starting next week after his pacemaker surgery. It’s perfect for someone who is already at their ideal body weight and just wants to increase energy, health, and performance too.

Check out this short video clip to hear from others who have taken the 24 Day Challenge! Cool thing about this is that 100% of your investment goes in to actual nutrition for your body. The eating guides, coaching, accountability is all free! They even came out with a workout DVD today that you can do from home if you can’t get to our CrossFit classes.

How it works:

Days 1 – 10 we’ll do the Prep Phase (herbal cleanse, omega 3’s, Spark drink)

Days 11 -24 we’ll do the Max Phase (vitamins, shakes, Spark drink)

We’ll also follow a clean eating guide for 24 days. Nothing crazy. Just being intentional for 24 days about what we put in our body 🙂


Days 1 – 10 retails for $79 and Days 11 – 24 Retails for $109 = $189 / which equates to about $7.87 per day

but right now I can get these MNS Max C & E 24 Day Challenges for $175 which equates to about $7.29 per day!!

What do you think? Wanna join us? Gonna be fun!  AdvoCare is also giving away $40,000 to the Best Overall body transformations so we’ll take before and after pics for those that want to enter that contest as well. Thirty eight male and female winners earn $1,000 and the couple with the best results earn $2,000 🙂

Here’s another website you can check out too. www.CanYou24.com

This offer is your New Year jumpstart and you must let me know by 2:00PM TODAY because I am starting the group on Monday, Jan. 7th so I need to be able to get your order in this afternoon and to you before Monday.

Oh and here’s the BONUS KICK IN THE BUTT to this offer! I’m going to invest in the first 10 people who want to do this with us by purchasing the Workout DVD for you as my gift back to you!! Go over and check it out – this DVD series is just what you need to jumpstart your FAT-BLASTING New Year!

But you only have until 2:00PM TODAY to get in this deal that I am offering! Email me at carole@carolelaney.com or text me at 330.948.FITT (3488) if you’re in!!

Make 2013 your best year EVER!

CrossFit Medina OH

CrossFit Medina Ohio – January 2013 Classes

CrossFit Medina

We’ve recently added a Monday 5:30PM class and we will add additional classes as needed. If you are not a client please call 330.948.FITT and reserve your spot to come in and observe a class. We are located in Medina, Ohio and we are a WOMEN ONLY CrossFit elite fitness training studio. Our goal is to get you RESULTS!!

Check out our class schedule & call to reserve your spot!

January 2013