Chardon School Shootings

February 27, 2012, a quiet Monday morning as I sat at my computer working on clients files, designing their fitness programs for the week, considering each individuals needs and busy lifestyle when the email from CNN came in.

I’m signed up to get alerts from CNN so when I saw the email come in about a school shooting in Ohio I opened it immediately. My heart sank as I read about the children that had just been shot.

A quick flashback to 1999 when the Columbine High School massacre occurred, I remembered thinking that when my two daughters were still in school I never really worried about that happening out here in the Cloverleaf district. A quiet little town where the kids drove their tractors to school as a prank and they all called in sick to take the day off when deer season opened.

I quickly turned on the local news to get details and an update on the children that were shot. I remember sitting there thinking about the Marco family who had recently lost their son when he was shot at his college and I started to cry when I heard the news about Danny.

An intelligent, young boy that I didn’t even know had just lost his life. Days later I sobbed as I watched the press conferences with his family; their strength through this time of sadness was quite impressive.

And then I met Marcella ~ my esthetician friend, Patti, had recently been diagnosed with cancer and emails had been circulating with updates on her recovery. That’s when I saw this email:

“Thanks for keeping me posted everyone on Patti. I love her dearly and I haven’t been able to get to see her or call. My cousin was the first child that was killed in the Chardon Shooting so my life the past week has kind of not been my own.  I’m attaching a letter for everyone to pass around.  I’m trying to help soften the load for my family.” Marcella M Rider

Attached was this: Chardon School shootings

So please, if any of you can help Danny’s family I know that it is greatly appreciated. And don’t forget to hug your kids today and tell them how much you love them 🙂

Nutrition 101 Workshop

Workshop will be held 8:30-10:30AM this Saturday, 2/04. Cost is $30. Please arrive promptly and come prepared to learn and taste test a variety of foods. Tons of fun, prizes, & giveaways 🙂

Also, please bring one of your favorite healthy recipes for our recipe exchange!

Thinking of buying a Buick LaCrosse? Think Again!!

Remember the huge billboards you’d see with that beautiful black Buick LaCrosse CXS. So enticing that in May 2010 I went out and bought one. After test driving a few different makes and models of mid size sedans I decided that the General Motors Buick LaCrosse CXS was just what I was looking for.

Little did I know that I just bought myself a $40,000 headache! Here I am 12,000 miles later and I’ve been to the dealership more times than I can count. It started 1 week after I purchased the car and it’s been a nightmare ever since.

Computer issues with weird messages like no remote detected, remote left in car, alarm system service, parking assist service, heated seat won’t work, 2 keys programmed?! Everytime I get in and drive it something new pops up on my screen. But this weekend was the kicker when I had a trunk full of groceries and decided to take a quick run thru the car wash. Half way thru the wash cycle, out of the blue, a message comes up on the dash that my trunk was open. wth? And there I sat with my trunk wide open in the middle of the car wash. Do I get out and shut it while the car wash is still running or do I let $200 worth of food get a spot free rinse?

Sitting there in disbelief I waited til the wash was done, jumped out, shut the trunk and drove home. While backing in the garage, BAM, trunk pops open again.

So by now my husband thinks I’m insane and that maybe I just forgot to shut the trunk all the way. That is until it did it to him 🙂 I keep telling him that I’m not crazy, that this GM product is possessed and keeps doing some really weird stuff.

So after he plays with it a while and it continues to just ‘pop’ open, we decide to lock it up and call it a night. We’ll see what happens in the morning.

So this morning I get up, slowly open the door to the garage hoping that maybe someone came and took it off my hands, lol, and there she sits, shiny and clean with the trunk closed.

Until I hit the unlock button and BAM, the trunk flies open! So it’s 4AM, I wake Don up, start grumbling about the pouring down rain and all the errands I have to run driving my black beauty and having to stop every 100′ to shut the trunk.

Poor Don ~ he drags his butt out of bed, grabs some bungee cords, crawls in thru the back seat and secures the trunk from the inside. “You take this piece of shit Buick back to the dealership and tell them that you do not want this car back until all of these issues have been resolved!”

So back to the dealership I go. And now I sit and wait, once again to see if they can fix it. One thing after another with this car. So moral of the story and a bit of advice to all of you reading this….

DO NOT BUY A BUICK LACROSSE unless you want one very expensive HEADACHE!

Celebrating Life!

Don & I are so blessed! 6:00AM on a crisp Friday, a beautiful morning moon, our gorgeous, energetic granddaughter sound asleep on her pillowtop and a fun-filled adventure planned for the day.

The perfect solution for Don’s heavy heart. Earlier this week he got the call. His 100 year old Grandma Laney had just passed. Of course Don was her favorite, Grandma lit up like a Christmas tree every time she saw him.

I remember the last time we saw Grandma. Don’s Dad was in stage 4 liver cancer and we went to PA to spend some time with him. Dad lost his battle on 1/01/2010. RIP Dad, we love you!

Timing couldn’t have been any better for a much needed, laughter filled weekend. Months ago we had planned a trip to Toledo to see our old friends Leonard and Anna Marty.

Leonard & I have known each other since birth so he’s like a big brother to me. We see them at least 2 times a year and can’t wait to see them tonight. Leonard is Toledo’s well renowned artist/glassblower and he is hosting his annual Open House at his studio. His work is amazing and I have several of his gorgeous pieces 🙂

And since we are empty nesters and we can, haha, we booked the Pomeroy suite at this interesting bed and breakfast.

RIP Grandma Laney ~ We’re off to enjoy a little road trip of memories and create a few new ones 🙂

Update: The Casey-Pomeroy House was a great choice to lay our heads. Sue, Stu and Julie are awesome! Check out the slideshow 🙂

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Do you have any advice for me?

Today was a great morning to work a couple of hours with some of my funniest clients, bang out my 50 burpees, then kick back and spend some time in the office. One of those dark, gloomy Ohio days, coughing, sneezing, run-down, but ready to tackle a couple of To Do’s. That and then the new LaCrosse CXS that I recently purchased isn’t function properly which means countless hours to the dealership and endless, time-consuming conversations with ‘specialized’ consumer relationship reps.

$40,000 later, 9,000 gently driven miles and experiencing numerous computer glitches:

  • No Remote Detected – it’s sitting in my purse beside me, I’ve tried both remotes
  • Don’t shop at Kohl’s or Hobby Lobby, it might not start!
  • Remote Left In Car – remote was with me in the store & wasn’t left in the car
  • 4th time the driver’s heated seat has broken. Each time tearing the seat down to the frame, initially replacing the grids then replacing the module twice. Seat doesn’t sit the same nor does it look the same after the 3rd tear down.

Tell me, do you see something wrong with this picture?

4th time heated seat has broken

I’ll worry about the computer glitches later but because it’s getting cold here in Ohio I need your help with this seated heat issue. Can you do me favor? Take the poll below and give me your opinion 🙂

What a beautiful day for a wedding!

I just can’t believe how fast time goes by. Last night we attended one of Jaci’s high school friends wedding and saw kids that we haven’t seen in almost 8 years. They were all grown up, some I barely recognized.

Cloverleaf Girls!

I was so thrilled to see Jake and his wife. He was always one of my favorites! Always smiling, laughing and excited about life 🙂

Professional dancers ~ these two were fun to watch!

Jaci and Tim were bustin’ out moves that I had never seen

Our entertainment for the night!

And when the Michael Jackson songs came on all hell broke loose! haha

Jaci was teaching her Dad how to do it! lol

While Tim & I created our own fun!

It was a night full of laughter

And when these two get together it gets a little CRAZY!

Thanks Bob & Allison for including us on your special day! We had a blast 🙂

Raven’s Glenn Winery and The Unusual Junction

Did you know that all of the wineries in the Coshocton area are closed on Sunday? All of them but Raven’s Glenn. They were open 11-4 so Don & I headed that direction after lunch excited to do some wine tasting 🙂

My kind of place!

When we arrived the tasting counter was full of people so we spent some time checking out some of the cool & unusual things in the gift shop.

A lot of cool things to look at

Excited to try all of the different wines and noticing that the counter was still CROWDED I started to whine a bit so Don yelled for me to come over, told me to behave myself and pointed to this

We laughed at all the different tee shirts that they stocked

Then he noticed that the taste testing counter was empty! WooHoo ~ now I was really pumped!

Taste Testing Counter

For $2 you could pick a category and try all the wines in that list. Don started with the semi-sweet wines ranging in price from $10-14 per bottle. I went right to the high dollar wines starting with the $33 wine and ending with the $18 bottles. I was hell bent on getting my $2 worth!! haha. A few more people came up to the counter and started tasting & commenting on the variety of wines. A fun time filled with lots of laughter and group therapy! lol

By the 5th glass everyone was laughing & getting louder!

8 glasses (well more like swallows) later, we decided on purchasing 4 bottles of the semi-sweet (yes, I was helping taste test Don’s too) and 2 bottles of the Vitner’s Reserve wine (grapes grown on site) They gave us the carry bag and even let us keep the glasses!

6 bottles later ~ lol

On the way out I saw this and thought of my youngest daughter Jaci. She just LOVES wine and she LOVES shoes. Made me laugh cuz it fit her personality to a tee!

Perfect for Jaci!

As we stepped out onto the porch all that wine just sorta “hit me” and I noticed a row of rocking chairs close by. I told Don that maybe I needed to sit for a bit. He just shook his head, called me a lightweight and took a seat. I reminded him that we were in this situation cuz he kept telling me how good his semi-sweets were and made me try them. Next time I’m sure he won’t do that!

Once my eyes focused I noticed that directly across the street were some fun and unusual shops. Next stop, the Unusual Junction!

The Unusual Junction

With some odd-looking signs and unusual set-ups! hahaha

This just isn't right!

And what is up with this?

So many weird signs in this neck of the woods!

And as soon as we entered the store we saw this sign

Too funny

The place was a money pit with tons of tourists stopping to buy strange trinkets complete with a diner.

Restaurant and trinkets to buy

We decided to see if we could get into the trains. All the doors were locked but that didn’t stop Don from trying them all! LOL

Don tried to get us in but all the trains were locked

Had enough of this Unusual Junction but couldn’t leave without getting a pic of Don sticking his head through this! hahaha

Don just cracks me up!

We then headed off to go “glamping” ~ that’s glamorous camping for those not familiar with the term. I don’t do tents or campers however I will do a fully furnished cabin.

So we headed off to find our “home in the woods” in Fresno OH

Long gravel road to the "home in the woods"

10 minutes later we found the driveway and the sign

Yay we're here!!!

And then saw this!

Our home for the night

But there’s way too many pictures and stories to tell so you’ll have to check back tomorrow. Time for me to get ready for my 6PM CrossFit class!

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Kids are grown and gone and the dog is dead…

… so Don & I no longer have any responsibilities on the weekends which means we can pack up and go on a whim! Oh the joys of being ’empty nesters’ 🙂

This weekend we decided to go ‘glamping’ and rent a cabin in Fresno, OH. With just a 1 1/2 hour drive from our house, we got up early on Sunday and decided to make it a day and visit Roscoe Village 1st.

Welcome Center

The women at the Visitor Center were knowledgeable and fun to talk with. I so wanted one of these dresses for my wardrobe 🙂

This lady was a hoot!

I usually take steps wherever I go and definitely decided to take the steps after I saw this sign!

I think I'll take the steps!

Don & I spent the morning walking through the shops & enjoying the sunshine. We arrived early enough that the streets weren’t packed with tourists yet.

Beautiful shops at Roscoe Village

I’m always hungry so when we saw the Warehouse Steak & Stein restaurant we just had to stop.

Perfect place to eat lunch!

The place had a lot of interesting things to look at and when we arrived the barmaid was eagerly waiting to serve us. Although it was only 12:30, Don assured me that it was 5:00 somewhere and it was okay to have a drink.

Outside bar at Steak & Stein

I opted for an ice tea and the Roscoe salad

This salad definitely hit the spot!

While Don enjoyed a beer with fish & chips & a medley of veggies.

Don decided on the Fish & Chips

And yes, he got a belly ache from it so next stop, Walmart for some Tums. LOL. Our next adventure was going to be the 40 minute Canal Boat Tour but since it started to rain we said “screw it”

Loved all of the tee shirts at the winery

and headed to Raven’s Glenn Winery for some taste testing fun.

This is my kind of fun!

But that’s for my next blog cuz’ I’ve got to get back to work! Check back to see pics of the awesome cabin we stayed in and the winery fun we had 🙂

So, I’m on a really awesome eating plan right now…

… and have been living the Paleo lifestyle 80% of the time since April 2011 & I’ve been sharing some meals on my blog periodically. I can already notice how much better I feel and how lean my abs are getting again.

Follow the 80/20 Rule!

Health and fitness is a top priority for me, so I want to take the best nutritional supplements I can find and recently numerous clients have been asking me what supplements I take. So today I thought I would share with you my 4 favorites.

1. VGF 25+ MULTI VITAMIN – This multi vitamin is specifically made for women (yes guys, there is 1 for you too) and it’s a nutrient-rich concentrate of 25 whole vegetables, greens and fruits. My skin looks great and my hair and nails are stronger and growing like crazy!

2. KRILL OIL Gives me quality Omega-3’s that my body needs and has 47 times the antioxidant power than regular fish oil. I started taking 1 every night and recently added 1 to my morning routine after hearing a cardiologist talk about the importance of this powerful supplement.

3. WHEY PROTEIN Everyone knows that protein helps to build & repair muscle, which boosts metabolism. I drink 1-2 protein shakes a day.

4. LONGEVITY = This is the ultimate anti-aging supplement. It helps with joint pain, blood pressure, and the nervous system.

I buy direct from Prograde because their manufacturing facility is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) “A” rated facility.

Create an awesome day!