You’re Never Too Old

Over the Labor Day weekend something amazing happened – a 64 year old woman by the name of Diana Nyad swam the 110 miles from Cuba to Florida in 53 hours without a shark cage or any other source of protection from the elements.

diana nyad

Sleep deprived, and disoriented Diana Nyad walked onto the shore in Florida and said; I have three messages…

“One is we should never, ever give up

 Two is you never are too old to chase your dreams

 Three is it looks like a solitary sport, but it takes a team.”

Kind of puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad drove the message home loud and clear this weekend:

never give up




Often times we’re our biggest enemies when it comes to getting what we want out of life.  Sure you might take some hits, fall a few times, an even bleed a little or a lot 🙂 I’ve done both but I hope that you know that I’m on your team and I will do whatever it takes to help you get there!


Gervasi Wine Tour

Don & I had a fantastic time at Gervasi Vineyard on Saturday with my brother and his wife. This was our 4th time there and we decided to do the 45 minute free tour and learn a little bit about Gervasi. I highly recommend a visit to this vineyard 🙂

Rich was a our guide and he was a ton of fun explaining the wine making process and the history behind the business


He explained all about the different types of barrels used in the wine making process


And the length of time it takes to make a good wine. The “wine maker” is the guy that taste tests & decides whether or not the wine is “ready” – I’m thinking that I want to be a “wine maker” when I retire 😉

GERVASI Canton Ohio

GERVASI Vineyard

Their newest building called The Crush House is opening on October 1. If you get a chance to visit this Fall you will be totally amazed at this awesome facility. Be sure to call me before you go & I’ll go with you 😉

Gervasi Crush House

The Crush House

Dinner was reasonably priced & tasted great!



The 55 acre grounds are immaculate & the Villas are decorated in ornate Tuscan 🙂

Gervasi Vineyard

Gervasi Villas

So if you get an opportunity to visit Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Ohio, DO IT! You’ll be glad you did 🙂

Do any of you Juice?

I just LOVE my Omega Juicer! This morning I had so much to do before venturing over to Gervasi’s Vineyard for our afternoon wine tour that I needed a quick pick me up jam-packed with nutrients.


I threw together 1/4 beet, 1 LARGE cucumber, handful of baby carrots and 1 large red apple. It was the best tasting juice I’ve made yet 🙂



Do any of you have any favorite juicing concoctions you could share?

Pretty Muddy Event in Columbus Ohio

The Columbus OH Pretty Muddy event is soon approaching & I wanted to remind you of the newest Pretty Muddy event: The Pretty Muddy Family Edition. While Pretty Muddy’s main focus is to offer women a fun day out with their girlfriends, they also wanted to give women a chance to share this experience with families and loved ones. This is the perfect opportunity to re-run the kid-friendly, shortened course with your kids, your hubby, your boyfriend, maybe your niece or nephew, the kid next door, the more the muddier!

pretty muddy familyAfter the all female waves have finished for the day, they will have one big family friendly wave where you can tackle the best parts of the course again, muddy hand in hand with your loved ones!  Be sure to register now to guarantee your spots!

Pretty Muddy Columbus OH

To answer some questions here is a breakdown of what Family Edition entails:

** Family Edition is 1 hour of “Family Waves” every 10 minutes, taking place after the “Female-only Waves” have commenced for the day.

** This wave is for women, their kids, and even their hubbies!

** Children must be 6 years old, and at least 48 inches tall in order to participate.

** Children 13 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult (18+) throughout the entire course.

** Those women that choose to participate in one of the “Female-only Waves” can run again with their families for free in the “Family Waves”.

** All finishers will receive a medal!

pretty muddy

Just let me know if you have any questions & I’ll get you answers ASAP! Hope to see you in Columbus on September 14th 🙂

Chair Massage Available!

chair massage medina ohioNeed a chair massage? After all we put ourselves through on a daily basis we need to take care of our bodies. I know that most of us don’t dedicate time before and after our workout to mobility and stretching. This is EXTREMELY important to do so PLEASE just DO IT! Even if it means staying after class a few minutes longer just to foam roll 🙂

foam roll

When the week is rough or you aren’t recovering like you should, if everything is sore or you have a nagging elbow pinch from the thousand pull ups that you did in Saturday’s class then please make an appointment with me even if it’s for 5 minutes after your workout to get a chair massage. It helps to recover and you will see greater results because of it!

chair massage medina ohio

I have been working with massage therapists throughout my 25 years in this industry and I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of massage 🙂 I have been “thumping” clients for the past 3 years and have helped many people relieve the pain of injuries, stress, and body discomfort. I love what I do and I believe whole-heartedly in the many wonderful benefits of fitness & massage.  Massage can help support your fitness program, helping you achieve your performance goals with minimum injury and pain. Massage enhances tissue elasticity and joint flexibility; it improves blood and lymph circulation, and relieves muscle aches and stiffness. I encourage everyone to try a chair massage and incorporate it into your general wellness care.

Prices: $1 a minute or $25 for 30 minutes
Chair massage is available by appointment only. Schedule your appointment today! 330.948.FITT


Where did the Summer Go?!

I can’t believe its the end of August already! It’s been an interesting year for me. We made it thru Don’s pacemaker surgery. I’ve been rehabbing him and he looks & feels fantastic!


I’ve also had the opportunity to run a few 5 & 10K’s 🙂



Did the Color Run for the second year with both daughters & our little bundle of trouble 😉

Color Run

And conquered my second Warrior Dash. This time I did the Dash with my oldest daughter & her hubby. We had a blast & they both KICKED ASS!

Warrior Dash

In just a couple of weeks I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday (I cannot believe that I am a half century old!) with my youngest as she tackles her first obstacle course at the Pretty Muddy Event in Columbus OH. If you haven’t registered for this yet there’s still time! You can register here and get in the 10:00AM heat with our WTF (Where’s The Finish) Team. I think we have 6 people going so far so join us if you can!

Our classes have been a ton of fun! EVERYONE has seen significant RESULTS this year & I’m looking forward to seeing the changes over the upcoming months. We will be planning some exciting events as we get involved with some pole strength training classes, fundraisers and studio team events. If you know anyone interested in getting fit & looking for women’s only classes have them call me!

Also I will be updating Don’s progress as he attacks his new cycling adventure. We are working on reducing/eliminating his medications. We feel that some of them were unnecessary & no longer needed. We will be monitoring his stats over the next few months 🙂 Check back often!

Have you seen the #RoadID yet?

It’s Who I Am and I just got mine a couple weeks ago! Check it out, I love it!


I decided to purchase this #RoadID after one of my long slogs’ when a young driver was talking on her cell phone & almost hit me. It seems that noone pays attention on these country roads, flying over the hilly terrain, talking & texting on their cell phones and that incident just scared the heck out of me. A couple times per week I lace up my tennies, lock the house and set out for a quick run around the neighborhood. I would grab a house key & my iPhone to track my distance but I’d never take any form of identification in the event of an emergency.

RoadIDWell not anymore because now I snap on my cool lookin’ #RoadID and I feel a lot safer knowing that if medical personal assist me they will be armed with all of the necessary info to contact my loved ones & get me the fastest care possible. If you’re a runner/walker/hiker/cyclist or know anyone who is, please share this post with them and order by clicking the pic above or click this link. This RoadID would make a great birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift & you may just save your life or someone you love!

I also wanted to fill you in on what is happening here at the studio.

Pole dance class medina ohioWe are expanding and turning the garage into a pole strength training studio!!! You may have noticed that we are moving cabinets out, painting the ceilings and preparing to paint the walls. Please bear with us as we are having a contractor come in on 8/16 to lay the new epoxy floor and we will take the remainder of August to secure the poles & add the finishing touches 😉

stripper pole classes medina ohio

Unfortunately due to the space needed to twirl, invert and climb, we only have two poles & this type of training requires a lot of strength & concentration to perform the exercises safely so we will not be using the poles in our group #CrossFit classes 😦 I will however be scheduling private and pair training sessions for these classes so if you are interested in scheduling be sure to get in NOW. I am booking into September for these sessions.

CrossFit Medina

Oh & this years Kids Fitness Class was a blast! We had 12 children participate in the 6 week session & we had a ton of fun! We ended the series with a costume party & a social that included watermelon & an opportunity for the kids to sit & chat. We had a few kids missing for this class pic due to other commitments but next year we’ll be sure to host a couple different weeks of costume fun so everyone can get involved!

CrossFit Kids

Thank you to all of the parents that shared their little ones with me. I enjoyed teaching them & look forward to seeing them all back next year!

Medina OH kids fitness class

I have so much more to share but it’s time to get up and get moving so I’ll touch base soon! Stay POSITIVE!!

Crossfit Medina

Too Busy To Eat?

#advocareIs this you?

Someone who wants a nutritious meal on the go
Someone seeking a balanced, low-calorie meal for your diet and exercise program
Someone seeking to lose or maintain weight in a healthy manner
Someone who has limited gastric capacity or requires an easy-to-digest, light meal
Someone looking for an additional source of protein to supplement your diet

When you need to cut calories or you need a nutritious on-the-go meal, grab an AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake. Meal Replacement Shakes have a 1:1 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio, which studies show supports weight loss and sustained energy. And since they’re loaded with 24 grams of easily digestible protein, 26 vitamins and minerals and just 220 calories per serving, you’ll satisfy your rumbling tummy, feed your muscles with high-octane fuel and give your body wholesome nutrients for a healthier you. #AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shakes work great as your morning smoothie with banana’s and peanut butter!

So in honor of my hubby’s 52nd birthday I’ve decided to discount our great tasting Vanilla Meal Replacements until July 20th. But only til Saturday the 20th 🙂 Our regular price is $44.95 but if you buy direct from me your price is only $29.00!! I have vanilla flavored in stock NOW so call, text or email me TODAY! 330.948.FITT (3488) / I also accept PayPal for payment so if you live outside of Medina, OH I can ship direct to you for an additional $5

#AdvoCare vanilla

#AdvoCare Vanilla Meal Replacement ~ KEY INGREDIENTS: Protein, calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin A, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin C, vitamin B-12

P.S. This offer IS NOT good thru my #AdvoCare website! You must purchase direct from the stock here at the studio. I’ll ship it within 24 hours if you need it delivered direct to your door step 😉

This is a one time special and we will not be offering this at a discounted price again! Stock up TODAY!!

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