Where did the Summer Go?!

I can’t believe its the end of August already! It’s been an interesting year for me. We made it thru Don’s pacemaker surgery. I’ve been rehabbing him and he looks & feels fantastic!


I’ve also had the opportunity to run a few 5 & 10K’s 🙂



Did the Color Run for the second year with both daughters & our little bundle of trouble 😉

Color Run

And conquered my second Warrior Dash. This time I did the Dash with my oldest daughter & her hubby. We had a blast & they both KICKED ASS!

Warrior Dash

In just a couple of weeks I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday (I cannot believe that I am a half century old!) with my youngest as she tackles her first obstacle course at the Pretty Muddy Event in Columbus OH. If you haven’t registered for this yet there’s still time! You can register here and get in the 10:00AM heat with our WTF (Where’s The Finish) Team. I think we have 6 people going so far so join us if you can!

Our classes have been a ton of fun! EVERYONE has seen significant RESULTS this year & I’m looking forward to seeing the changes over the upcoming months. We will be planning some exciting events as we get involved with some pole strength training classes, fundraisers and studio team events. If you know anyone interested in getting fit & looking for women’s only classes have them call me!

Also I will be updating Don’s progress as he attacks his new cycling adventure. We are working on reducing/eliminating his medications. We feel that some of them were unnecessary & no longer needed. We will be monitoring his stats over the next few months 🙂 Check back often!

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pretty muddy badgeCheck out the 2013 Pretty Muddy Events in your area and if you’re registering in the Columbus area, I’ll see you there!!

Dallas, TX – June 1

Sacramento, CA – June 29

Chicago, IL – September 7

Columbus, OH- September 14

Richmond, VA – September 28

Atlanta, GA – October 12

Tampa, FL – November 30

Miami, FL – December 7

Still wondering what this Pretty Muddy 5k Race is all about? Check it out on YouTube here Arrow

* Pretty Muddy Social Media Sites * Also be sure to stay updated and follow all of the Pretty Muddy social media sites!!https://twitter.com/Pretty_Muddy

Day 29 in the Paleo Cave

Almost 1 month in the cave with just a couple peeks outside 🙂 It’s been another crazy week here at the studio and I must say I’ve had quite a few clients that have made some amazing progress over the last few weeks! KUDOS to those of you that have been CONSISTENT & given 100%, it definitely shows and all of those hard workouts with all of those BURPEES have paid off!

I was totally impressed by Jaci, Jeff, Ashley, Christy, Kara, Brittany & Peggy at the Susan G. Komen 5K this past weekend. Way to ROCK it gang, I’m looking forward to doing this 5K race with all of you next year!

Jaci & Jeff SMASHED this 5K coming in with a time of 29 minutes! WOOOHOOO!!!!

And we found out later that evening that we made it on Channel 19 NEWS, well, our behinds did 🙂 hahaha

We’ve added a ton of fresh veggies into all of our meals and the chicken from Whitefeather Meats has been FANTASTIC! I even splurged with a sweet potato for dinner last week prior to the 5K race thinking that a little complex carb would be beneficial. I think it helped because I had my fastest average per mile that morning 🙂

Doesn’t that pic above of the veggies look like a duck face? lol. Don thinks I’m crazy taking pics of all my food but I had to laugh when I saw that. And check out our fresh bush pickles from our garden! YUMMY

I’ve also had my bundle of trouble twice this week & she just LOVES to make magic juice! Carrots, apples & oranges for her and spinach added to mine. HEAVEN!!!

LOVE that I can get all these vitamins right into her bloodstream 🙂

While teaching her the importance of getting in her fruits & veggies!

And not only do I have the opportunity to educate & be a good role model to my gorgeous granddaughter, I also have the opportunity to teach some amazing little ones the importance of making fitness a fun part of their day!

One more CrossFit Kids class left in this series then we’ll be starting another 6-week session the end of September. Contact me at 330.948.FITT if you want to secure a spot for your little one!!

Create a great weekend and be sure to eat PALEO!!!

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Day 17 in the Paleo Cave

I can’t believe it’s Friday already and almost 3 weeks in the Paleo cave. I’ve been so busy here at the CrossFit Commotion studio that I haven’t even had time to get any writing in for the blog.

And my little bundle of trouble, Peyton, was here on Wednesday checking her garden

She’s been checking her crop, picking the ripe cherry tomatoes and taking them to Lodi Lumber and Lodi Library teasing them with a taste of her stock so when her plants start producing bulk she can sell them to buy more books! lol

And I just LOVE the Wednesday morning Kids Fitness Class!! I’m tickled to be a part of introducing fitness as a fun part of their day 🙂

We spent the last week learning wall crawls, squats, jumping jacks, BOSU jumping and working on pull-ups and balance exercises. I’ll be hosting another class starting the end of September so be sure to sign up and reserve your spot!

My paleo food plan has been consistent protein, fibrous carbs and very little complex carb. Besides the hot flashes and night sweats I feel great and since I am usually in the “Paleo cave” my pant size hasn’t changed, they just seem to fit “better” because of the reduction in complex carbs.

I’m not big on pasta but yesterday I added a small amount to my dinner because I’ve been running a little bit more this week. The Susan Komen 5K is next weekend and I needed to get at least 9 miles in this week to be able to complete this event.

And check this out! I found this Primal Roots red wine in Acme supermarket the other day ~ wondering if this is on the Paleo Plan?! lol

Hahaha and Killer Carole grew her 1st pickle EVER ~ Check it out!

But then Don found this creepy little worm eating away at my beefsteak tomatoes!

Don put it in a paper towel, left it outside on the fire pit to see if it could escape and yep, it ate a  hole in the paper towel and it is now on the loose! As of tonight we still cannot find it! lol

Another busy weekend ahead with one last bridal shower for Jaci. Next week I’ll have some AWESOME news to share about my oldest daughter Brittney so be sure to check back!!

Day 5 in the Paleo Cave

There’s no better way to start the day than with a quick 5K! Last night I text my friend Erin & asked her to meet me at the park for a run through the trails, I figured if I asked her to meet me there I couldn’t back out. With the upcoming Susan Komen 5K I needed someone to hold me accountable and help me get some miles under my belt. THANK YOU Erin for meeting me, running with you makes it soooo much easier 🙂

Don didn’t have breakfast ready for me when I got back home 😦 He was already out mowing the back forty. A few jumping jacks in the driveway to get his attention alerting him to the fact that I was home then a quick breakfast of a handful of pecans with a HUGE gala apple & I was ready to start my morning chores.

Yes, I’m a clean freak. I admit it. I bleach my house down at least once a week. I just LOVE the way my house looks & smells when everything is that clean 🙂 I snacked on some cherries while I was cleaning and scarfed up the last of the pistachios. Don finished mowing just in time to run up to the local Farmers Market with me. Not to many vendors today but we bought some just picked onions, tomatoes, squash, beets and leaf lettuce. Enough to fill our basket and get us thru until the Westfield Farmers Market on Thursday.

We made a quick stop at Miller Bros to pick up the case of sweet potato pie that I had ordered. Ever since I picked one of these pies up for Thanksgiving dinner, Don just can’t get enough of them! Because they are a “seasonal” item they special order them for him 🙂  I laughed on the way home teasing him that since I was in my Paleo cave I wasn’t able to indulge in any. He was thrilled actually, now he didn’t have to share 🙂 Check out the fat calories in just 1 serving. YOWZA!!!!!

We decided since we planned on having an early dinner of filet mignon, fresh veggies and sweet potato pie (for Don) we opted to make some guacamole with onions, sweet cherry tomatoes and red bell peppers, a dash of hot sauce and a few spices with some extra tomatoes on the side. It was the perfect lunch.

As I expected, the Whitefeather grass-fed filet mignon cut like butter 🙂

Overall a great weekend ~ our food was clean & colorful and we enjoyed a productive day. How did your weekend go?

Studio News

It’s only the middle of March and we’ve seen a lot of changes already this month ~ Jaci is down 10lbs of FAT and the countdown begins for her wedding with only 183 days left to go 🙂

Patti looks FANTASTIC & is still widdling away at her fat loss, Kari’s gone Paleo & recently started a blog, Ashley is in major shape-up mode and preparing for a 5K in Vegas and our CrossFit classes are MAXING out with a ton of hot, sweaty fun 🙂

CONGRATS to Noel who recently hit 50,000 meters and received his certificate along with a ‘crying towel’ from Concept2. Great job Noel ~ you’re the BEST!!

Jeff is making a come back and this morning he just hit an all time max bench press of 225lbs weighing in at 194lbs. Standing extremely tall, Jeff’s starting weight was 163, with a goal of weighing 2oo by summer. Stay focused Jeff, we’re almost there!!

Joseph is focusing on getting back on the pavement and running again. We’re looking forward to having a few of the guys from the studio on our team for the Susan Komen 2012 Akron Race For The Cure in July. If you want to run with our team or make a donation to join us in this fight against breast cancer, click here.

And if you haven’t seen our little bundle of trouble lately, she’s the laughter in our days, the twinkle in our wrinkles and she’s growing like a bad weed. Pey loves visiting the Zoo and at times acts just like Doctor Dolittle insisting that I buy enough crackers to feed EVERY animal in the petting zoo! hahaha

With the warmer temps comes new stone in the driveway. Mark over at Albrecht Trucking has been laying our stone every year since we built and does a great job so if anyone needs stone, call Mark!

If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend the 3rd Annual Fundraising Event at The Oaks in Chippewa for the 35th Anniversary of the Battered Women’s Shelter, it was a huge success! Jaci and I even won a couple of the door prizes. WooHoo!!

Mary and Krista quit smoking, Abby got a new job, Becky is going to be a Grandma and Jaci just got a major promotion. I’m so excited that Claudia, Renee, Sue & Dick are returning to join us once again and I’m anxious to see all the positive changes that are happening with each and every one of you. Stay consistent with your CrossFit routines, eat Paleo and be sure to hydrate with 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water.

Enjoy a healthy fun-filled weekend!

Can You Please Help J in the Susan G. Komen 5K ??

Hey All!!

A few of you have asked me if I will be participating in the Susan G. Komen 5K Run this year and the answer is YES! This is a cause I am very passionate about and hope to continue to participate in. It started 2 years ago when I did the 3-Day Walk in Boston and I was completely blown away by the camaraderie of the event and the amazing and impressive men and women who participate.  A year later, after I moved back to Ohio, I participated in the 5K in Cleveland and was reminded of what an awesome event this is. It is such a great way to support and give to a great cause and to meet a lot of amazing strong powerful women along the way.

With that being said, since a few of you have asked, I just wanted to provide you with ways you can help. You can follow this link to donate. Proceeds go toward finding a cure for breast cancer and remember every little bit helps to go a long way. So if you are willing and able to help out it is greatly appreciated.


Or you can RUN or WALK w/ me! I would love to have you on my team. Again follow this link and then just click “join my team”. You can either participate in the 5K and walk or run it OR you can walk a 1 mile run. Remember every little thing helps and this is such a great event- I recommend it to any of you!


If you all have any questions please let me know! No pressure at all to donate or participate but since I had a few request I thought I would share the information with everyone!

Take Care,

Jaci Laney